Rules-based Alerts Engine

Rules-based Alerts Engine

Configurable real-time event monitoring alerts and device interval statistics for immediate notification and action

How does INETCO Insight speed up investigation and reduce white noise from overactive alerts using real-time event monitoring?

INETCO Insight combines real-time event monitoring and transaction tracing with configurable rules-based alerts. Real-time event data is continuously fed through a rules-based alerts engine to trigger notifications related to payment performance and transaction security – across all banking and payment channels. Various alert bundles are available for operational performance, real-time payment fraud detection and channel management.

Examples of data parameters alerts include:

  • Real-time transaction status (approved, declined, failed, reversed, incomplete)
  • Real-time transaction amounts and thresholds
  • Real-time transaction succession speeds and distances
  • Networks, third party applications and host authorization transitions (reliability of connections, the latency of applications)
  • Event and transaction types (withdrawal, deposit, balance inquiry, bill payment and account to account transfers)
  • Important events (card capture, PIN errors, response code errors)
  • Card types and card-not-present payment types
  • Device event and transaction thresholds

How INETCO Insight performs real-time event logs and alerting

Configurable real-time event alerting interface

Configure your own rules for each alert, or implement best practices as outlined by the INETCO Professional Services Team. Real-time alert parameters can be defined based on a wide combination of payment data intelligence.

Retained transaction details within each alert

Within a single click, you can investigate the transaction events that triggered the event alert. Isolate the root cause of performance issues ~85% faster.

Forwarding alerts and statistics details

Real-time alerts and statistics can be emailed and forwarded to channel management, case management and trouble-ticketing systems of choice.

Example alerts for real-time transaction performance monitoring

Configure real-time alerts, thresholds and statistics related to network, application, third party applications and device issues affecting the completion of payment transactions.

Example alerts for real-time payment fraud detection

Real-time event alerts can be configured for card-present and card-not-present transactions based on any message field contained within a transaction. Add an independent layer of defense against fraud and switch system alerts that are overridden by malware.

“Unlike traditional “deep dive” application and network monitoring tools, INETCO Insight provides a systems-wide view into the performance of all our business critical applications and networks. By deploying this leading edge business transaction management solution, Moneris has gained the real-time visibility and historical transaction intelligence needed to proactively analyze, diagnose and report on the performance of every payment transaction and deliver the best customer service possible to over 350,000 merchants.”