Fraud Analysis & EMV Monitoring

When are EMV fallbacks occurring?

Be alerted in real-time to consecutive magstripe transactions at a device or by card base type using INETCO Insight. Quickly isolate the root cause for EMV fallbacks – device or chip reader issues, card faults, interoperability issues, host/network communications errors or fraudulent activity.

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When is excessive transaction activity occurring?

Be alerted in real-time to low value transactions and excessive transaction activity patterns using INETCO Insight. Drill into the data to investigate suspiciously high velocity transaction volumes at a given ATM, or a high number of swipes at a common POS entry. Identify patterns which indicate fraud such as when a card is being used at multiple locations simultaneously or when a card is used for many high value transactions, in a short amount of time, at the same device.

What customers have been flagged due to high-risk transactions?

Display the transactions of customers that have been flagged by your organization. Analyze both their declines and approvals for deposits and withdrawals – do they involve higher risk numbered monetary instruments such as traveler’s cheques? Map out the locations of where these flagged customer transactions are occurring. Also view the time of day these transactions occurred.

When are unusually large deposits or withdrawals occurring?

Set real-time alerts to large value transactions using INETCO Insight. Identify in real-time when unusually large deposits or withdrawals that may require further investigation occur. Isolate when an ATM experiences higher than normal transaction values in comparison to surrounding ATMs. Detect when high value transactions are occurring using a higher-risk product service or channel, such as a money order or bank draft.

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