INETCO Insight® Data Access Options - To accelerate collaboration and digital transformation in banking

What data access options are available with INETCO Insight?

When it comes to digital banking transformation, data is most valuable at the moment of creation. By making it easy to harness real-time transaction data across all your payments channels, INETCO Insight gives you the power to improve customer experience, continuously feed robust fraud intelligence models and reduce the operating costs associated with a fragmented data management approach.

Featuring a variety of data forwarding and streaming options, INETCO Insight helps you break down data silos and make the most of your centralized transaction intelligence hub. Improve data integration and deliver timely data to the teams, applications and business processes that need it most.

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Digital Transformation Whitepaper - Data Access Options

Key use cases requiring real-time transaction data:

Continuous performance monitoring of real-time payments rails and ecosystems

Increasing transaction completion rates and proactively resolving performance issues before they impact customers

Reconciliation and cash forecasting

Establishing a continuous pulse on cash levels and system-to-system transaction reconciliation to resolve ATM cash disputes, avoid cash-out situations and reduce the amount of cash that sits idle

Marketing, IoT sensors and mobile alerts/offers

Offering quicker solutions, more responsive promotional offers and faster interaction times based upon customer interactions

Independent transaction audits, compliance risk and regulatory management

Creating logs that retain all network and application format data to match systems of record and systems of engagement

Fraud detection, machine learning models and transaction risk scoring

Reducing false positives, detecting payment fraud and blocking potential attacks, such as ATM cash-outs or man-in-the-middle attacks, before they result in major financial loss and reputation

Customer engagement insights, channel and payments analytics

Acquiring real-time transaction intelligence across all payments channels to analyze customer behavior, continuously feed adaptive behavioral algorithms and build out individual customer machine learning models (i.e. risk scoring)

Integrating customer transaction intelligence into your day-to-day systems and business processes

Real-time data streaming and forwarding capabilities

Make customer transaction intelligence easily accessible for a wide range of teams and systems, including channel management, analytics, IT performance, cash management, or fraud management platforms.

With fast and effective data collection and connectivity, operations teams and business leaders can utilize rich transaction data to make more informed decisions, and identify new ways to lower the cost to serve, improve customer engagement, and reduce the risk of fraud.


A full menu of data collection and data integration options

Transaction intelligence from INETCO Insight is output in five ways:

  • As an open data access source, where transaction message details are stored on a Hadoop data cluster, available to allow other applications or development teams accessibility for any purpose such as data analytics
  • As a real-time transaction data feed that is configured to continuously forward as much or as little data as your application requires, such as fraud monitoring, risk scoring or dynamic customer segmentation
  • As custom API connectors that send real-time transaction event alerts and interval statistics to your channel management system, such as NCR Vision, or any other third party system of choice.
  • As securely batched data delivery for applications that require CSV data output files, such as cash management, ticketing or reporting systems
  • As real-time transaction logs, alerts and event triggers that can be emailed or displayed on the web-based INETCO Insight user interface for operational performance monitoring

Read the INETCO Insight Data Access Options Product Sheet