INETCO Insight® real-time transaction monitoring software that improves operational performance within banking, retail and payment processing environments

What is INETCO Insight?

INETCO Insight® is an independent transaction monitoring software and data streaming platform that provides a real-time, end-to-end operations view into the performance of all digital banking transactions happening within your omni-channel banking, self-service networks, and payment processing environments.

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Monitor transaction-level data across all channels

  • Establish an end-to-end operations view into all banking applications and customer transactions
  • Gain a one-stop view into all your banking channels, endpoints and multi-vendor applications
  • Decode every transaction message, and receive real-time alerts to anomalies within fields such as response codes, transaction types and status

Reduce operational support costs

  • Establish a centralized view into all customer interactions
  • Resolve transaction slowdowns, time outs and failures 65-75% faster
  • Improve first call resolution rates and reduce service dispatches

Deliver an amazing omni-channel customer experience

  • Reduce failed consumer interactions by up to 26%
  • Improve uptime and availability across all self-service devices
  • Stream transaction data into INETCO Analytics for analysis of customer behavior across all banking channels

INETCO Insight Key Features

Detailed transaction intelligence

Create customized customer usage statistics using data such as dollar amounts, card types, response codes, terminal ID’s and transaction types

Continuous transaction monitoring and real-time alerts

Reduce transaction slowdowns and failures caused by unresponsive applications and lost network or host communications

Option of passive, network-based instrumentation or host-based information collectors

Deploy transaction monitoring and data streaming without intrusive agents, transaction tagging, extra traffic loads or changes to the payments switch

Automated transaction profiling

View transaction data in a way that makes it easy to isolate channel management issues related to device, data link, third party connection and underperforming applications in seconds

Configurable mobile and web-based dashboard displays

Customize “one stop” omni-channel management views for channel managers, IT operations and applications support teams

Transaction logs with search, query and filter capabilities

Perform ad hoc research queries and quickly navigate through transaction log data for faster troubleshooting, reporting and incident management

Universal forwarding capabilities

Improve uptime and availability by having real-time transaction data, alerts and statistics sent to the channel management system of choice (includes INETCO Analytics, NCR APTRA Vision, Fiserv Device Manager, HP Operations Manager, Splunk Enterprise, and IBM Tivoli Netcool / OMNIbus)

Multi-hop transaction correlation and topology mapping

Practice more proactive alerting by correlating end-to-end response time information, application messages, and network communications data for each consumer interaction or business transaction

Universal decoding engine

Decode all transaction protocols and message types found in ATM, POS, Mobile and Online Digital Banking, Branch and Messaging Middleware environments (includes TCP/IP, UDP, ISO 8583, VISA 2, FIX, NCR/NDC+, Diebold, Triton, XML, SOAP, HTTP, SQL, IBM WebSphere MQ, and AMQP)

Let’s Talk Transaction Monitoring

How does INETCO Insight work?

INETCO Insight is designed to the easiest, most non-invasive way for you to gain timely access to actionable transaction data. Quickly isolate the heart of transaction issues that reduce revenues, strain operational resources, and frustrate customers. It is the only real-time transaction monitoring and data streaming software platform that is:

  • Transaction switch independent
  • Vendor agnostic
  • Easily adaptable to all custom, packaged and industry-specific applications
  • Scalable across all core banking and self-service banking channels with zero overhead
  • Currently deployed in physical, hosted, virtual and Cloud-based production environments
  • PCI compliant


Read the INETCO Insight Product Sheet

Download the INETCO Insight Technical Overview

Option of passive, network-based instrumentation or host-based information collectors

Using passive, network-based instrumentation, INETCO Insight captures TCP/IP data off your network. This means that the collection, correlation and streaming of transactional data does not require the deployment of agents, transaction tagging, extra traffic loads or any changes to the transaction switch.

Mirrored network traffic information is usually captured from a router’s SPAN port, a TAP port on a managed Ethernet switch, packet capture equipment (such as packet brokers or vSwitches), or application servers. Upon collection, network traffic is time stamped, filtered and encrypted to ensure that sensitive information is always protected. If a port is unavailable and you need to deploy a light weight collector, this option is also available.

Real-time correlation engine and event processor

INETCO Insight has a real-time correlation engine that links together multi-protocol transactions captured across the various application hops found on an end-to-end transaction path. Further statistical processing produces a complete profile for every transaction. Real-time alerting, transaction data streaming and statistics are triggered based on event information gathered from these individual transaction profiles.

The Unified Transaction Model (UTM)

For every transaction profile, INETCO Insight provides metadata, application message (or application payload) intelligence, network performance data, and detailed transaction response and completion times all in one view. This includes decoded fields such as the type of transaction, dollar amounts, the transaction status, response code error information, user and geographic location.

This information is displayed in a structured, hierarchical framework known as the Unified Transaction Model (UTM). The UTM was created by INETCO to simplify the diagnostic and troubleshooting process. Within the UTM, transaction types are defined according to a series of nested levels. The entities at a given level are composed of entities from the level below. The basic UTM implementation comprises four levels:

  • Business level – business processes that employ applications
  • Application level – end-to-end applications interacting with users
  • Services level – inter-operating processes running on nodes
  • Network (or Link) level – nodes with interfaces connected via a network

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Universal forwarding and data streaming capabilities

Transaction intelligence from INETCO Insight is output in four ways:

  • As real-time transaction data that is continuously streamed to an on-demand analytics solution such as INETCO Analytics
  • As actionable, real-time transaction event alerts and interval statistics, which can be forwarded to your enterprise management, ATM or channel management systems of choice
  • As real-time transaction alerts that can be emailed or displayed on the web-based INETCO Insight user interface
  • As a real-time syslog output that can be forwarded into any enterprise database of your choice for offline reporting and analysis


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