INETCO® professional services for all your implementation, training and transaction analytics needs

Who is the INETCO professional services team?

With over 30 years’ experience in real-time transaction monitoring and analytics, INETCO understands that every payments and retail banking environment is “one of a kind.” Our people are committed to ensuring your transaction management software implementation, training and transaction analytics capabilities are aligned to meet your IT and business objectives.

The INETCO professional services team is made up of world-class transaction specialists with deep knowledge and experience in financial message formats, network protocols and enterprise software implementations. We have dedicated individuals assigned to your account, so you will always have a consistent team that is familiar with your projects, requirements, and unique IT environment.

INETCO offers the following services:

Implementation and configuration support for INETCO Insight®

INETCO’s professional services team will make sure INETCO Insight is running optimally within your unique transaction environment. This includes:

  • INETCO Insight launch configuration – helping customers move INETCO Insight from a test environment to a live production environment
  • Advanced administration configuration – an on-site engagement which includes analyzing your IT environment and setting up advanced INETCO Insight features such as real-time alerting, transaction grouping and dashboards
  • Transaction protocol decode and correlation – for proprietary messages and hundreds of other protocols and message types found in ATM, POS, Mobile, Internet and Core Banking environments (includes variants of TCP/IP,UDP, ISO 8583, VISA 2, FIX, NCR/NDC+, Diebold, Triton, XML, SOAP, HTTP, SQL, MQ and AMQP)

The INETCO professional services team sets up the forwarding of real-time transaction alerts and statistical data to ATM management systems such as Gasper Vantage or NCR APTRA Vision.  Real-time network data can also be fed into incident management systems such as IBM Tivoli/Netcool OMNIbus, HP Operations Manager and Splunk Enterprise. Alerts can be based on parameters such as:

  • Presence or absence of data
  • Transaction latency or failures
  • Incomplete transactions
  • Time windows through a day
  • Single or multiple occurrences
  • Events or thresholds
  • Number of events, consecutive events, percentage of events

INETCO Insight training

INETCO Insight training courses are delivered either onsite or online, and tailored to meet the requirements of your users and administrators. Work with our professional services team to customize a package that best aligns with the needs of your IT operations teams, application support teams and line of business owners.

Customized transaction analytics and performance reporting

Let the INETCO professional services team help you create customized transaction statistics and reports based on:

  • Transaction status (approved, declined, failed, reversals, incompletes)
  • Transaction types (withdrawals (on us/by others), deposit, balance inquiry, bill payment by type, account to account transfers, other ATM services)
  • Cash flow totals (intraday totals, replenishment events, number of cash/check deposits, totals of cash/check deposits and withdrawals)
  • Important events (card capture, PIN errors, response code errors)
  • Card numbers and owners (competitor cards used at ATMs, product tracking)
  • Networks (reliability of connections, latency of applications)
  • Devices (cassette usage, bills dispensed, errors)

Or engage the INETCO professional services team to port INETCO Insight’s standard set of performance reports to various databases, including MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle. There is also the option to design performance reports in the following areas:

  • ATM profitability
  • Transaction volume breakdowns
  • Application and network performance
  • Forensic/fraud analysis
  • Capacity analysis
  • Billing and auditing