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Telecom New Zealand (Gen-i) – Ensuring accuracy of customer billing and reporting

Telecom New Zealand’s Gen-i business unit is one of the fastest-growing information and communications technology service providers in Australia. Many payment processors, acquirers and large retailers utilize Gen-i’s Service Delivery Platform and Telecom New Zealand’s public switched telephone network or multi-protocol label switching communications network for their payment connectivity services.

“INETCO Insight has given us full confidence in our ability to bill the correct transaction to the correct account. With INETCO Insight, we were able to see immediate improvements in our billing accuracy, with the number of ‘unidentified’ transactions decreasing by over 90%. In terms of spending money on capital projects, these billing improvements resulted in INETCO Insight being my best payback project for the year.” BRIAN SHACKLETON, SLM RURAL & TRANSACTIONS, ICT SERVICES FOR GEN-I (TELECOM NEW ZEALAND)


Gen-i currently routes over 825 million point-of-sale (POS) and loyalty card transactions per year. Customers include New Zealand’s two largest processors of electronic funds transfer point-of-sale (EFTPOS) transactions, Paymark and EFTPOS New Zealand.

Merchants are connected either through traditional telephone lines, specific data connections collectively referred to as Digital EFTPOS, or via the Internet. As the number of merchants converting to Digital EFTPOS or deploying new Internet-based services continues to grow, Gen-i decided it was time to evaluate its existing monitoring tools and reporting processes.


Gen-i chose INETCO Insight to enhance its existing monitoring and reporting capabilities. They also relied on the INETCO Professional Services team to help them create accurate, customized reports.

INETCO Insight enables Gen-i to gather granular transaction intelligence without requiring an agent on their customer’s payment switches. This data is used to produce reliable billing reports that tie the various types of POS, loyalty, polling, terminal upgrade, and other maintenance transactions to the correct customer accounts. These reports can be delivered to Gen-I customers as a value added service, or used to resolve transaction audit and billing disputes.

INETCO Insight’s real-time alerting, data mining and trend analysis capabilities also make it easier for Gen-i to quickly identify network latencies, authorization denials, incorrectly programmed POS terminals, and other issues that may be causing declines or slowdowns in transaction completion times. Once alerted, Gen-I can verify issues, end finger pointing wars, and improve communications between business and IT teams.


INETCO Insight has helped Telecom New Zealand:

  • Improve customer billing accuracy and verify transaction volumes
  • Mitigate the risk associated with moving customers from traditional dial-to-IP services to newer Digital EFTPOS and Internet-based services
  • Gain access to transaction intelligence data for real-time alerting, incident reporting and transaction audit purposes