The CIO Advantage: Controlling the epicenter of customer data for digital banking transformation and omnichannel management

Captaining the digital banking transformation ship is no easy task, especially when every bank is in a competitive race to provide the best customer experience possible. It used to be enough for CIOs to be the trusted owner of IT architecture. But now, many CIOs are taking on an expanded leadership role that not only includes efficiently managing the underlying IT infrastructure, but also driving inter-departmental change, integrating new technologies and overseeing the enterprise-wide data strategy.

This whitepaper is for CIOs that are finding themselves responsible for more strategic digital transformation initiatives that span the entire banking organization. It is meant to help CIOs understand how they can avoid pockets of disparate and disjointed data investments, and increase the value and utility of customer transaction data by changing the way it is:

  • Captured in complex banking environments
  • Used to spot performance issues and improve operational efficiency within IT
  • Shared across various channels and departments enterprise-wide, to drive digital transformation initiatives and omnichannel management