INETCO Solutions for ATM Cash Monitoring

ATM managers and cash operations teams are focused on protecting revenue and improving customer experience. As a result, many of these teams rely on effective cash management software to provide accurate cash forecasts, set replenishment schedules, and provide analysis of ATM fleet performance. But this software is only as good as the data it ingests. Obtaining an accurate and timely feed of customer transaction data can be challenging. This data is often:

  • Hard to access – There is a costly reliance on ATM host/switch IT personnel, or a third party processor, to create daily files for analysis
  • Stale – ATM transaction data is often obtained from journals batched at the end of every day; intra-day cash data is tougher to access, as is granular denomination-level information
  • Fragmented – Information is dispersed among multiple systems and multi-vendor ATMs; it is often not easily available in one place or one consistent format

INETCO Solutions provide a real-time feed of every transaction occurring across all of your ATMs

With INETCO Solutions, your cash management software will receive all the data it needs to provide crucial cash forecasts, replenishment schedules, and performance analytics. INETCO collects this data unobtrusively, and streams it in real-time to your cash management software for immediate analysis.

  • Monitor all ATM transaction data – INETCO “listens” to transaction messages on the wire and is able to piece together data that includes:
    • Cash in/out information for each individual ATM
    • Granular transaction information for advanced ATM prompts, such as cash denomination values, delivered in a way that meets various cash management software requirements
    • Continuous intra-day ATM cash status updates should this be a requirement
  • Collect data from your entire ATM fleet – Monitor transactions across every device in your fleet, regardless of manufacturer
  • Receive instant cash-out notifications – Find out instantaneously when one of your devices runs out of cash, and take immediate steps to deal with the problem and prevent revenue loss and customer frustration
  • See all your data in one place – INETCO consolidates all your ATM transaction data in one place, making analysis orders of magnitude easier
  • Reduce implementation costs without risk to your transactional messages – INETCO solutions require no changes to the ATM host/switch and no new mainframe development project to implement; no changes to the transaction execution path are required


Are you ready to upgrade your data collection scheme to cut revenue losses and improve customer experience?


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