INETCO Solutions for ATM Cash-Outs, Man-In-The-Middle Attacks and Transaction Reversal Fraud

The ability to detect ATM cash-outs, man-in-the-middle attacks and transaction reversal fraud as they are unfolding – not after the damage is done – continues to be a priority for both operations and security teams concerned with payments security. Banks, processors and retailers must be ready to spot unauthorized card transactions and protect ATM and POS ecosystems against potential skimming, phishing attacks, SQL injections and ongoing advanced persistent threats (APTs). But early warning fraud detection is becoming more challenging due to:

  • High-risk visibility gaps – Many of today’s APTs are designed to fly under the radar of traditional payment fraud defenses or to bypass back-end risk monitoring systems entirely
  • Increasing attack complexity and evolving criminal methodologies – New payments system vulnerabilities are being exploited through a combination of specially crafted malware, social engineering, siphoning and coordinated attacks
  • Increasing infrastructure costs and resources – Many financial institutions have smaller ATM fleet sizes and cannot justify the cost and resources needed to run an extravagant fraud monitoring system

Immediately know when your ATMs, cards or payments switches are under attack with INETCO Solutions

With adaptive machine learning capabilities and unrestricted access to real-time payment transaction data, financial institutions, retailers, card service providers and acquiring processors can now reduce financial loss and customer friction with precise, real-time transaction risk scoring and independent monitoring of the entire payment transaction journey – across ATM, POS, Mobile and Online channels.

INETCO’s solutions can further help you meet customer security expectations, speed up transaction anomaly detection, and protect your ATM and POS terminals against potential skimming. If preferred, transaction data can also be collected and forwarded from INETCO Insight to your existing fraud management system.

  • Extend switching and card processing security – Correlate front-end and back-end transactions to know when a transaction enters a payments switch, but never leaves for authorization – most likely due to advanced malware being used to compromise switch authorization behavior
  • Monitor foreign card transactions – Detect when another bank’s cards are counterfeited and repeatedly being used at your ATMs to withdraw cash – before an ATM cash-out happens
  • Speed up the detection of ongoing, front-end APT attacks – Quickly identify customer behavioral anomalies, vulnerable terminals, and compromises to the payments switch such as:
    • Repeat card usage at the same terminal or across an unlikely geographical area
    • High withdrawal velocity or abnormal numbers of high-value transactions
    • Multiple cards used in sequence at the same terminal
  • Isolate vulnerable terminals – Flag suspected terminals being used to conduct coordinated attacks, or terminals where imposed cash withdrawal limits have been eliminated and hacked
  • Spot EMV fall-backs, unexpected stand-ins and newly compromised domestic cards  – Take action before they make it onto a hot list or are used at foreign terminals
  • Rebuild individual customer models in real-time – Continuously feed adaptive machine learning models and rebuild them every time they receive an event from a customer

Are you ready to meet customer’s security expectations and protect your front-end payments systems from ongoing advanced persistent threats?

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