INETCO Solutions for Payment Card Analytics

Banks and card service providers are relying on new products and more meaningful value-adds to increase their profitability – not risk-based charges and fees. For a consumer engagement strategy to be profitable, these organizations need to think about:

  • Payment card model mix and profitability analysis – Better alignment of incentives to consumer groups, identifying new revenue streams and determining the right balance between card program renewals and creating new product offerings for clients
  • Helping retailers and end-customers reduce fraud costs and liability – Identifying card transaction anomalies and upgrading cards and payments systems to meet security requirements (such as EMV), without risking service disruption and without impacting transaction rates
  • Creating an agile, seamless payments infrastructure – Minimizing the service risk of adopting emerging digital and mobile payments methods consisting of new technology platforms and partnerships crucial to the payments lifecycle, while managing the traditional payments business in a more efficient way

Gain valuable insights into payment card analytics and shopping habits with INETCO Solutions

To address these initiatives, your organization requires robust card analytics and visibility into all digital transactions. INETCO Solutions will help you analyze card model mix and profitability, understand the adoption of new digital payment types and improve consumer market segmentation for better alignment of incentives and product offerings. With real-time transaction monitoring and customer engagement analytics, you can:

  • Analyze card renewals, digital payment transactions, new credit and debit card product offerings to understand customer engagement and profitability by card type and payments type, improve market segmentation, reduce the risk of program cannibalization and answer questions such as:
    • What cards do they have?
    • What cards or digital payment devices are they using?
    • What is the activation status?
  • Provide a value-added analytics service to retailers made up of customer spending data, card performance data and on-demand reporting that will help drive new service adoption and better alignment to incentives
  • Reduce risk of card fraud and service disruption by analyzing card transaction failures and declines, identifying anomalies and instantly knowing when transaction performance is being affected
  • Avoid lengthy, costly blame storms between the merchant, acquirer, payment processor and the issuing bank or card network with an end-to-end performance view of every transaction path
  • Help businesses combat security threats for card-present transactions and seamlessly transition to EMV by monitoring payment card transaction rates and usage and notifying to transaction performance issues in real-time

Ready to improve your card analytics and monitor your card environments in real-time?

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