INETCO Solutions for Mobile and Online Digital Banking

The Internet of Things (IoT) and the convenience of online, tablet and mobile applications are resulting in digital banking channels being the largest and fastest growing in volumes of electronic transactions. Many banks and credit unions understand that embracing digital service models and convenient payments applications are synonymous with expanding customer wallet share, leaning out payment processes and reducing the risk of non-bank competition. Digital banking strategies often include:

  • Speeding up product time to market – Reducing the threat of non-bank competition by improving agile development, payments modernization and third party API’s to quickly adopt and on-board new service offerings
  • Analyzing customer-product alignment – Expanding customer wallet share by offering more value-added services and a personalized user experience through digital channels such as social media, online and mobile banking
  • Improving digital banking profitability – Pushing popular transactions and banking processes that were once performed at the branch into more convenient, less costly self-service and digital banking channels

Manage more payment choices while improving transaction completion with INETCO Solutions

Keeping up with the fast paced evolution of your digital banking channels requires financial institutions to make real-time transaction monitoring and customer analytics an integral part of their IT road map and digital banking vision. INETCO solutions for digital banking channels offer a collaborative, system-wide view into network communications, application response times, online and mobile banking metrics that can be easily accessed by multiple departments within an organization. Business and IT operations teams can:

  • Gain real-time visibility into customer usage and analyze the service/revenue transaction mix, including payments, remote check deposits, e-receipts, fund transfers, marketing fulfillment transactions or monitoring account balances
  • Help customers complete interactions flawlessly, by resolving transaction issues or potential fraud attacks that can go undetected by traditional web analytics or application performance monitoring tools– 65-75% faster
  • Reduce API failures and know immediately when physical, hosted or virtual applications are running slow or breaking down
  • Quickly adopt new features and forms of payments and accommodate exponential transaction growth across all digital channels
  • Continuously monitor the roll out and uptake of new products and partner service offerings while mitigating the risk of downtime and usability issues

Is your digital bank looking to improve operational efficiency and provide a better customer experience?

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