INETCO Solutions for IT Operations Performance Monitoring and Channel Management

Within many banks and payment services organizations, IT operations and channel management teams are still taking a silo’d approach to monitoring the various technologies that make up the end-to-end transaction delivery chain. But every device, network, payments switch or application alert raises the same question:

“Are customers being affected?”

This is not an easy question to answer, especially when many of today’s problems cross multiple technologies, diverse applications and increasingly complex IT infrastructure. And getting this answer wrong leads to major deterioration in the end customer experience due to:

  • A greater risk of ATM, POS, online banking or mobile network bottlenecks and failures
  • Longer service disruptions, repair times and troubleshooting processes
  • A greater risk of performance issues and transaction anomalies going undetected

Gain a complete picture of customer experience at the transaction level with INETCO Solutions

Unlike application performance management tools or network sniffers, INETCO solutions provide a real-time window into every end-to-end transaction and the underlying IT architecture it runs on. Moving away from vertical silo systems management lets IT operations and channel management teams take on enterprise-wide digital transformation initiatives while knowing immediately which operational performance issues are impacting customer transactions.

  • Confidently manage the completion of customer transactions – By eliminating risky performance blind spots and gaining holistic visibility into every step of every digital transaction – regardless of where they start or end
  • Reduce support costs and make existing IT troubleshooting processes more efficient – Through faster gathering of transaction data “off the wire”, automatic response time correlation, and robust root cause research tools (65-75% faster MTTR)
  • Improve customer experience and process more transactions – By quickly spotting behavior anomalies and reducing transaction failures by up to 25%
  • Prioritize customer performance problems and offer more consistent service delivery– Tap into an easier, more cost effective way to extract value from rich transaction data and better serve customers across any self-service banking channels
  • Become the data broker for your financial organization – Help avoid pockets of disparate and disjointed data investments, while sitting at the epicenter of rich transaction data intelligence that can be shared across multiple departments and streamed to various applications related to marketing, fraud prevention, channel management and card operations

Are you thinking about investing in a transaction-level monitoring solution and data streaming platform that can improve IT operations performance, strengthen your channel management and move you towards a consistent customer experience?

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