INETCO Insight Features and Benefits

Ensure optimal application performance and exceptional customer experience in highly demanding production environments

Agent-less, network-based instrumentation

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Collect extremely granular application performance data from any application non-invasively. No agents, no code changes, no extra traffic loads.

Universal Decoding

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Quickly decode application message information across hundreds of internet, transport, proprietary and application protocols (IP, TCP,UDP, ISO 8583, VISA, FIX, NCR/NDC+, Diebold, Triton, XML, SOAP, HTTP, SQL, AMQP...) to securely extract important application-level data including customer habits.

Unified Transaction Model (UTM)

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Transform the complexity of big transaction data into ordered and understandable IT Operations Analytics (ITOA). UTM maps each transaction event and places it within an easily understood contextual framework, providing actionable operational intelligence and simplifying troubleshooting and diagnostic processes.

Powerful data visualization & analytics

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Build tailored dashboard views and custom reports that correlate “technical” performance data (like response times) with “business” data (like conversion rates and dollar amounts).

Universal forwarding

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Forward alerts, real-time statistics, complete transaction records, and interval statistics into IT management systems like IBM TivoliNetcool/OMNIbus, HP Operations Manager, NCR APTRA Vision, and Splunk, to leverage existing IT investment and create a more complete IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) solution.

Transaction Topology Maps

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Gain a step-by-step view of transaction execution, so IT operations teams can quickly identify problem areas and bottlenecks without deep application or underlying infrastructure knowledge.

Continuous monitoring
& real-time alerts

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Proactively identify transaction performance anomalies (delays, failures, 3rd party slowdowns, declines...) with high level alerts and instant drill-downs into individual transactions and business context. All transactional information is processed in real-time to avoid delays.

Data integrity
& protection

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Transactions, be they financial or application focused, need to be kept confidential. INETCO Insight “blanks-out” and encrypts personal and classified data, and ties in seamlessly with the tightest security architectures to ensure sensitive information is protected in every way possible. Learn more here.

Network & transport metrics capture

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Capture key network performance metrics such as delays, IP addresses and TCP details to drive quick resolution of network-related problems.

Transaction logs with search, query & filter

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Perform on-demand search queries within live and 8-day historical transaction logs to review anomalies and filter transaction information in seconds.

IT operations teams deploying INETCO Insight® for improved application performance and reduced transaction decline rates will rapidly recognize the following benefits:

  • End-to-end visibility into application service quality and customer experience - See what the consumer is experiencing and where services are slowing or stopping.
  • 65% faster problem isolation - Troubleshoot issues and reduce Mean-Time-To-Resolution (MTTR) without having to recreate problems or wait for them to happen again.
  • Instant accessibility into failed transactions and business context – Immediately understand who initiated the transaction, user location, service type such as cash withdrawal, bill payment or mobile top-up and dollar amounts.
  • Actionable transaction performance usage analytics – Understand valuable information such as how many users experienced a transaction failure or decline.
  • Production-friendly deployment - Obtain visibility into the performance of every transaction without the use of agents, extra traffic load or disruptive code changes.
  • Improved cross-team collaboration - Quickly coordinate problem resolution and better leverage your IT performance monitoring investment without deploying multiple point solutions.
  • Increased operational efficiency - Feed detailed transactional data into your main management system consoles, fraud monitoring applications, or business analytics systems.


INETCO Insight is a new kind of application performance monitoring (APM) software that is more cost effective and easy to deploy than any business transaction management solution available today. Use INETCO Insight to track the performance of external and internal service providers such as 3rd party web services, bill payment systems, mobile top-up apps, managed hosting providers, private cloud environments, EFT and interbank connections.

Are you ready to decrease mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and ensure optimal application performance and quality customer experiences? Book a meeting now with our business development team to learn how to make INETCO Insight part of your proactive IT performance monitoring strategy.

"There is…a strong push to deliver an end-to-end application management solution using transaction tracing (or tracking) that monitors all tiers of the transaction…"

Jean-Pierre Garbani, VP and Research Director
Forrester Research