BECU Taps ATM Data to Speed Up Service

becu atmA new member-centric approach to ATMs here helped speed up responses to member inquiries by 50% — a head-turning response that also earned the CU a 2016 Model Bank award.

“Where we made a significant step forward is in being able to tap directly into the data at the ATM level and to do so as a channel manager without having to rely on data analysts,” said BECU Head of ATM Management and Development Shirley Taylor.

Last October, BECU was nominated for Celent’s Model Bank award by transactional data specialists, INETCO Systems Limited, a CU partner based in Burnaby, British Columbia. In total, there were more than 100 credit union and bank entrants competing for 19 awards. BECU, which won in the omnichannel banking category, was the only winner in the credit union space.

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