Maximize Card Profitability and Sleigh Payment Fraud Attacks with Transaction Intelligence

It’s a busy season for card issuers, card networks and payment service providers. Transaction and purchase volumes are rising across mobile and online channels — with Black Friday and Cyber Monday e-commerce sales up 15% from last year. Despite this holiday season’s resilient e-commerce sales, organizations must continue to find ways to maximize transactions and card profitability in the face of reduced in-store purchase volumes, interest margins, fees and interchange revenues.

This newsletter shares tips on how you can keep up with shifting customer behaviors and maximize your card profitability. Read on to learn how real-time transaction intelligence and analytics will help you increase the value, safety and stability of every card transaction, across all payment channels:

  • Analyze shifts in credit and debit card usage patterns with card analytics
  • Monitor the breakdown between card present, contactless and digital wallet payments
  • Produce faster, more accurate risk scoring for every card holder
  • Make sure every card transaction completes as expected
  • Stop transaction-level payment fraud attacks before major damage is done

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inetco insight for payment analytics - visual diagram

INETCO Insight for Payment Analytics and Business Intelligence Streaming (3-minutes)

Is your ability to harness and analyze massive volumes of payment transaction intelligence over multiple card rails, customer facing channels, and disparate data stores a challenge?

Watch the 3-minute video to learn how INETCO Insight can help you accelerate digital transformation with a real-time, 360-degree view of when, where and how customers are interacting across all card and payment channels.

becu community bank

The BECU Story Continues…

BECU, the largest community credit union in North America, believes in providing members with the best experience possible. They first partnered with INETCO to implement INETCO Insight for real-time performance monitoring of their ATM network in 2014. They expanded usage to include on-demand analytics and a cash management data feed in 2015. BECU migrated from their in-house servers and application management to the INETCO Insight Cloud hosted solution in 2020. They also expanded their rules based alerts and machine learning capabilities to detect payment fraud attacks in milliseconds.

Read the case study for an awesome example of a financial institution that has truly made the most of their real-time transaction intelligence.

pt. alto network

How PT. ALTO Network Provides World-Class Payment Transaction Security

PT. ALTO Network (ALTO), Indonesia’s leading provider of end-to-end bank switching and digital payment solutions, currently processes over 25 million transaction per month while connecting 100,000+ ATMs and 1,000,000+ EDC machines. With millions of transactions on the line, ALTO has partnered with INETCO to deliver world-class performance and security monitoring. This partnership further supports the National Non-Cash Movement and Bank Indonesia’s National Payment System vision.

Explore how ALTO uses their real-time transaction data to optimize operational performance and prevent card-present and card-not-present fraud attacks.

inetco insight analytics dashboard examples image

INETCO Insight Analytics Dashboard Examples

Have you ever wondered what reports and dashboards top financial institutions, retail giants and global payment processors use in their day-to-day operations? This whitepaper provides an in-depth look into the most commonly used INETCO Insight interactive data visualization dashboards — including examples of dashboards designed for the card channel.

woman making card transaction on mobile phone

Card Channel Use Cases

Visit the INETCO website to explore some of the most common INETCO Insight use cases for credit, debit and prepaid cards.


man looking at new inetco website

Welcome to the New INETCO Website

If you have visited our website, you may have noticed something new, something shiny. That’s right, we have a brand new site — redesigned with you in mind!

With a sleek new design and navigation that makes it easy to explore, head over to our site to start learning more about payment fraud detection, transaction monitoring software and channel analytics solutions.


mission: possible - trade canada - world map image

Mission: Possible – Trade Canada

Que the music, grab your high tech solutions, and settle in for Mission: Possible – Trade Canada. On January 27-29, join INETCO for a virtual conversation at FinTech Canada Entry to Japan. Hosted by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), this is not an event to miss!


That’s all for this edition of the INETCO Insider. Armed with our latest insights, maximizing card profitability and stopping payment fraud attacks can now be a reality for your organization. If you have additional questions about any INETCO news, or wish to share how you (or your customers) are taking control of increasing complexity across all your ATM, POS, online, branch and mobile banking channels, contact .