Case Study: How Jack Henry & Associates Enhances Payment Processing Service Reliability for 11,300 Customers

When providing payment processing services for banks and credit unions, you understand how integral it is to ensure service consistency. You also know that when (inevitably) there is a performance slowdown, the problem must be isolated and addressed quickly, before revenues and the end customer experience are affected.

jack henry & associates, inc.® – enhancing customer service reliability with inetco insight®
Download the case study: Jack Henry & Associates– Enhancing Customer Service Reliability with INETCO Insight

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ: JKHY) is a leading provider of technology solutions and payment processing services primarily for the financial services industry. Its technology solutions serve more than 11,300 customers across the United States. Providing exceptional service reliability and support is at the core of the Jack Henry & Associates’ (JHA) customer philosophy, and plays a key role in the company’s proven ability to acquire new business and retain existing customers.

With a rapidly expanding customer base and acquisition of other payment processing solutions, JHA needed to manage growing transaction volumes, disparate switch platforms, and a wide array of service applications. Along with this growth came increased operational complexities that threatened to disrupt ATM and POS transaction performance. Being proactive, JHA set out to find a solution to manage this complexity.

Early in their search, JHA realized that relying on legacy transaction monitoring solutions would lead to high operational costs, as well as hurt customer relations as when transaction issues arose:

  • Multiple internal teams (network engineering, IT operations, and applications support groups) would need to investigate their respective processes
  • Customers had to be involved in gathering fragmented trace and application performance data

JHA realized the need to streamline its intelligence gathering activities, and to find a proactive monitoring approach that would:

  • Ensure smooth service migration and delivery of continuous ATM and POS driving
  • Improve first call resolution rates and problem resolution times
  • Reduce the need for multiple internal and customer teams (and the cost of these teams) to investigate transaction issues

Following a successful proof of concept that resulted in quantifiably faster problem isolation and troubleshooting, JHA knew they found a winner with INETCO Insight.

Per Aaron Blevins, Senior Director of Technology Services for JHA Payment Processing Solutions:

“INETCO Insight has become a powerful source of transactional data for JHA Payment Processing Solutions. Our customers expect us, as their service provider, to have readily accessible details about their transactions. INETCO Insight offers us expedited access to that data, which we can share with our valued customers promptly. This, in turn, leads to better customer service, better resource management, and overall business efficiency.”

With INETCO Insight real-time transaction monitoring and analytics software, JHA has replaced standard tracing tools, and can now easily monitor all of their 11,300 customers’ respective transactions in real-time and on one screen. This software provides rich operational intelligence, grouping and displaying JHA transaction traffic by acquirers, issuing banks, card type, switch, ATM or POS terminal IDs, or customer locations. JHA can now track transaction volumes in real-time, and be alerted to when and where bottlenecks and failures are occurring so problems are resolved before customer experience is affected.

Leveraging INETCO Insight software, Jack Henry is able to:

  • Expand its customer base without an increased risk of service disruption
  • Proactively identify transaction performance issues – before they affect customer experience
  • Improve first call resolution rates
  • Access transaction intelligence without requiring manual intervention
  • Simplify the monitoring of its complex, multi-hop IT environment

Download the full case study to learn more about how Jack Henry & Associates has enhanced their customer service reliability with real-time transaction monitoring and analytics. To learn how INETCO Insight software can improve your customers’ experience AND your bottom-line, contact us for a personal demo.

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