Demystifying the Top 5 Myths in ATM Transaction Monitoring

inetco ncr imageI recently had the pleasure of hosting an informative webinar that featured NCR and INETCO, talking about some of the network and application performance monitoring issues ATM and IT operations teams are facing today.  This webinar is a great way to understand how new monitoring technologies and transaction intelligence gathering techniques can help you gain quicker access to transaction performance data that can improve business impact analysis and speed up critical problem isolation within your ATM operations environment.

The Pain Points

 According to Robert Johnston, Marketing Director of ATM Software at NCR, there are significant changes taking place within the ATM and self-service network space.  Customers are viewing the deployment of ATMs not as a “cost of doing business” anymore, but a means of getting new business and providing outstanding service that differentiates themselves from the competition.  As ATM functionality evolves, we are seeing a greater variety of transactions and application service platforms to support a variety of service transactions such as cash dispensement, cheque deposit, cash deposit, bill payments, funds transfers, and the list goes on.  We are also seeing massive change in application architectures, in the form of multi-vendor ATMs, third party SaaS, virtual, mobile and web-based application services.

Supporting multiple services and these new application architectures translates into greater transaction volumes, more third party outsourcing, and increased infrastructure complexity, making it tougher for ATM operations teams to stay on top of transaction performance and the end customer experience.  These teams are looking for new tools to help them make sure quality of service does not suffer due to increased network downtime, slow application response times, and a lack of accountability between internal departments, third party service providers and back-end EFT/bank connections.

Emerging Requirements

As a result of growing ATM and self-service network complexities, Marc Borbas, VP of Marketing for INETCO states that there is an emerging demand for performance tools that will help ATM and IT operations folks to quickly isolate the heart of any transaction failure or slow down.   This translates into a need for:

  • Visibility into multiple points on the transaction path (networks, applications, third party services, banking connections) to isolate problems in a timely manner
  • Easy access to all transaction performance data for better business impact analysis and fault prioritization (without touching the switch or deploying agents)
  • Seamless continuity across the full payment eco-system, including multi-vendor ATMs, applications, networks, third party services, and back-end banking connections

At this point, you may be saying to yourself,  “There is no way I can manage all this and get at the data I need in a timely, cost-effective way.”  And THAT is the belief that this team has done a wonderful job of resetting within this webinar.

View this recorded webinar presentation, and reset your knowledge on what key performance transaction data is easily accessible today, and what is not:  Demystifying the Top 5 Myths in ATM Transaction Monitoring