Giving Thanks To Those Who Ranked INETCO an APM Market Leader

At INETCO we are thankful for big things like family, small things like whipped cream on pumpkin pie, and for you – the people that recently validated INETCO as an APM market leader.

download a complimentary copy of the inetco insight vendor index report by trac research
Download a complimentary copy of the INETCO Insight APM Vendor Index Report by TRAC Research

TRAC Research, a research group focused on application performance management and IT operations analytics, recently released a report that ranked INETCO as an APM Leader within Banking, Payment Processing, Retail and e-Commerce.

For this report, TRAC Research conducted online end-user surveys, rigorous vendor evaluation, and live interviews with over 120 end-users to assess the INETCO Insight software versus other application performance management solutions. End-users and customers ranked INETCO Insight as a Leader (ten out of ten) in attributes such as:

  • Usability of Data – INETCO Insight’s ability to capture, decode and correlate information for every transaction, coupled with its intuitive dashboards made accessing actionable operational intelligence easy for business and IT decision makers
  • Deployment Process – INETCO Insight’s host-based collectors allow flexibility in deploying the solution as agentless, agent-based, or a hybrid of the two
  • Deployment Value – Time to value of INETCO Insight is better than the industry average for similar types of APM solutions
  • User Resources – INETCO Insight requires fewer resources to be deployed and managed compared to similar solutions in the market
  • Industry Sector – INETCO Insight provides dedicated capabilities for industry sectors such as Banking, Payment Processing, Retail, and e-Commerce

INETCO Insight’s APM capabilities were also ranked Strong in other evaluation criteria, including: End-to-End Visibility, Depth and Granularity, and Scalability.

“There are few, if any, industries where the need for Application Performance Management is greater than in banking and payment processing,” said Bojan Simic, President and Principal Analyst of TRAC Research. “Compared to its competitors, INETCO Insight was found to provide a much faster ROI for customers as this APM solution was quick to implement and required few resources for actual deployment. [INETCO] Insight was also found to make full transaction views easily accessible, understandable – and consequently – actionable; an attribute that is extremely important in the financial sector.”

Here at INETCO, we are definitely feeling enough gratitude to last the whole year through. Thanks again to all who participated in this research, and a special thanks to our amazing customers and partners for their never ending inspiration!

For more information you can download your version of the full TRAC Research Vendor Index report. To become an INETCO partner, or to discuss how INETCO Insight can help in your banking, payment, or enterprise environment, contact us at ">.