How BECU harnesses the power of transaction data for customer analytics – the next chapter in the ROI of transaction visibility

becu-logo-1024x1024 (1)Today we announced the licensing of INETCO Analytics for ATM customer analytics to BECU, the fourth largest credit union in the United States. This opens the next chapter in what has been an amazing customer relationship for INETCO.

Chapter 1:  The purchase of INETCO Insight for transaction visibility across their entire ATM network

Starting with their purchase of INETCO Insight and NCR’s APTRA Vision in May 2014, BECU’s ATM operations team was able to capture every customer transaction in real-time, making it easy for them to quickly identify issues that reduce ATM availability, strain operational resources, and frustrate customers.

“Walking into a BECU branch with a down ATM would be like walking into a typical credit union and seeing a line of people waiting to speak to two tellers, while one of them sits ‘CLOSED’, staring from behind their window,” said Shirley Taylor, Digital Channel Manager, Product Management & Development at BECU. “Rather than rely on after-the-fact third party reporting, we’re using NCR APTRA Vision and INETCO Insight to get the real-time, end-to-end visibility we need to ensure the consistent availability of our self-service channels.”

Chapter 2:  The purchase of INETCO Analytics for data-driven ATM strategies and customer analytics

BECU also realized the value of leveraging their rich transaction data beyond the ATM operations silo. With the hard part of collecting and correlating this data already being done by INETCO Insight, they could now explore ways to utilize this data for adopting data-driven business strategies and performing robust customer analytics. Their recent licensing INETCO Analytics allows BECU to gain visibility into how their members are making use of their ATM channel.

“Understanding the member experience is of paramount importance to BECU. INETCO Analytics effectively shrinks our member transaction data gathering and analysis time from weeks down to minutes—which allows us to make decisions based on timely and comprehensive cardholder analytics. INETCO has listened to the specific market needs of financial institutions to deliver a product that provides a lens into our member experience and our business,” Shirley Taylor said of BECU’s purchase of INETCO Analytics.

In the development of INETCO Analytics, working with customers like BECU was essential to understanding the challenges banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions have in managing transactional “Big Data” and obtaining customer analytics in a timely, cost efficient way.  Our relationship with BECU has proven invaluable. We’d like to say thank you for being such an excellent customer and for helping us push the boundaries of our innovation.

To arrange a demo of INETCO Analytics email  and learn more about the benefits of ready-to-analyze data and Big Data banking analytics.