Improving the end customer experience with increased transaction visibility

Delivering an amazing end customer experience is not easy, especially if you are a major payment processor and credit card service provider, serving customers spread out over 14 Middle East and Africa (EMEA) countries.

So how did this Company gain a real-time, one-stop view into transaction life-cycles that move through two data centers, a third-party telecom, and 54 other ATM, POS and back-end services?

Register for next Tuesday’s webinar and find out!

roi of transaction visibility

Register for this webinar taking place Tuesday, March 31st at 10am EDT. Brought to you by Stanchion, ATM Marketplace and INETCO.

Transaction visibility is the key to increasing the power of an ATM fleet or POS network — to being able to improve the end customer experience and arrive at game-changing answers to questions such as:

  • What are your customers experiencing at your ATMs or other self-service devices?
  • How are your networks and applications responding during transactions?
  • What is the business value of each transaction?

In our upcoming webinar next Tuesday, March 31st at 10:00 am Paul Grieve, the Technical Infrastructure Manager for a global payments services provider, will describe the difficult task his team faced in monitoring a newly implemented Postilion Active / Active network, and how they turned to INETCO Insight to provide the end-to-end visibility and end customer experience data they needed to meet their goal of providing the best consumer experience possible.

Paul’s case study will also highlight how ROI was achieved with INETCO Insight in less than 4 months given their ability to:

  • Quickly isolate issues within their network and decrease their repair times by 65%
  • Decrease authorization times by 33%
  • Eliminate 75% of transaction time-outs caused by internal network components to improve end customer experience

The webinar will give participants the opportunity to communicate issues they have with end customer experience and transaction visibility. The webinar will conclude with a brief demonstration of INETCO Insight by our Vice President of Product Marketing, Marc Borbas, of the dashboards Paul and his team use to effectively monitor their payment services network.

All webinar attendees will be given a free copy of Paul’s case study. If you cannot make the webinar, but are still interested in receiving a copy of the case study, please email Matthew Jinks:


This webinar was made possible with the support of INETCO’s partners, Stanchion, and ATM Marketplace.

Register Online for the webinar: “The ROI of Transaction Visibility – A Case Study” on Tuesday, March 31st at 10am EDT.