Patently Obvious Reasons for Choosing a Real-time Monitoring & Analytics

It’s been an exciting first half of the year for INETCO. Our team has been working diligently to bring new customers such as SinergiaBECUNedbank (amongst others yet to be named) to full deployment of our real-time monitoring and transaction analytics software, INETCO Insight. We’ve also been making product enhancements and updates at the same time. Now deploying solutions while simultaneously updating them creates headaches for most software providers. Not for INETCO and our customers…

One of the main reasons that INETCO is able to make updates to INETCO Insight at the same time as deploying this software into new financial institutions is our patented Mercury technology. This technology allows INETCO developers to develop new capabilities extremely quickly and roll them out in high stakes production environments safely. Mercury:

mercury in flight
Mercury moves at tremendous speed and is the god of communications. It’s also the name of patented INETCO development technology… Coincidence?
  • Allows development to be broken up into well defined modules which developers can independently develop and test
  • Lets our engineers create new capabilities without having to develop across the entire platform
  • Gives INETCO a highly reliable base system so that we can release new capabilities to customers without extensive regression testing

Mercury is one of the core reasons why INETCO has been able to innovate far faster than the giants (HP, IBM, Oracle, etc.) in application performance and transaction monitoring. Though that’s not the only ace up our sleeves…

Another reason customers are choosing INETCO Insight is because our Unified Transaction Model (UTM) provides them with real-time visibility into all the elements that make up their critical Business Transactions. INETCO Insight’s ability to correlate complex, multi-step transactions from end-to-end without using agents is truly unique. Unique enough that it is now patented!

The average business transaction conducted on a web site or a mobile device comprises multiple steps (e.g. login, browse, add to cart), and multiple hops (e.g. web, app server, database). Most application performance monitoring solutions can either capture and display the steps well (e.g. end user experience monitors) or the hops well (e.g. traditional bytecode APMs). For many customers this is an unacceptable trade-off. The Unified Transaction Model enables INETCO Insight to do both well, simultaneously, and within a single deployment architecture.

The UTM offers a next-generation approach to transaction monitoring that simplifies analysis, optimizes processing, and enables users to understand meaning faster and more easily. The UTM comprises a hierarchical structure composed of well-defined layers, and the relationships between each. It preserves the value of monitoring and analyzing at each layer while tying the events and measurements at each layer to the layers above and below.

utm hierarchy of transaction types
UTM hierarchy of transaction types

Within the UTM framework, the transactions at each layer are composed of transactions from the previous layer. As an example, and starting at the top:

A customer goes to a store and makes a purchase (or “Business Transaction”) using their credit card. The customer interacts with a POS machine, thus performing several “Application Transactions” (agreeing to the purchase, swiping their card). Then “Service Transactions” disseminate customer and store data to service providers (issuing card company, issuing bank, 3rd party rewards group). Each of these service providers receive their required “Link Transaction” data (credit card number, time and location of the purchase, purchase amount) to ensure that they can perform their respective tasks (approve purchase, transfer funds, provide reward points).

The Unified Transaction Model handles complexity and Big Data by segmenting and layering data analysis. It relates underlying technology behavior with the goals and process of the business—effectively representing it to multiple stakeholders. UTM provides a very clear description of how transactions work in a real life environment.

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from these, and the many other benefits of real-time transaction monitoring and analytics provided by INETCO Insight, email .