INETCO® Helps Banks, Processors and IADs Improve Availability with Centralized Switch Application Monitoring

INETCO Insight now provides a unified, real-time view of payment switch application metrics, network monitoring and transaction performance– across every channel in your payments ecosystem

  • Global banks, payment processors and IADs gain one-stop performance visibility to efficiently manage multiple switches located across multiple geographic locations
  • The addition of a centralized switch monitoring software leads to higher transaction completion rates, faster mean time to repair and consolidation of performance tool costs
  • Launch of new payment switch application monitoring metrics complement real-time transaction monitoring and data streaming capabilities also available within INETCO Insight®

Vancouver, CANADA, December 12th, 2017 –  INETCO® Systems Limited, an expert in real-time transaction monitoring and analytics software for retail banks, independent ATM deployers (IADs) and payment processors, announced today the addition of centralized switch application performance monitoring capabilities within the INETCO Insight® software platform.  These new capabilities will help financial institutions reduce the service delivery risks associated with ongoing acquisition strategies, while providing the capability to centrally manage payments switches located in multiple regions of the world – in a more cost-effective way.

“Efficiently managing complex payments environments involving multiple payment switch types and locations is a challenge, but has never been more important given growing end-customer expectations and the increasing margin squeeze on surcharges and transaction fees,” says Bijan Sanii, CEO of INETCO. “We are excited to introduce new capabilities that will help INETCO Insight customers resolve issues faster, consolidate their performance tool costs and improve availability – all key things that will lead to happier end customers and greater profitability on every transaction.”

With the addition of centralized payment switch monitoring capabilities, INETCO Insight users can now directly correlate device, network, host authorization and switch application performance metrics all within the context of customer transactions. Customized, real-time alerts can be created based on transaction completion status, traffic bursts, card usage anomalies and response times of various applications. The underlying cause of transaction slowdowns and failures, such as non-responding switches, bottlenecks or network communication issues, can be quickly isolated anywhere along a transaction path – all from centralized monitoring tools.

Continuously monitoring the enterprise-wide payments infrastructure from one, integrated view also helps to facilitate collaboration between teams, resulting in higher transaction completion rates, faster mean time to repair (MTTR) as well as reduced performance tool costs. IT operations, channel systems and applications support teams can now know the state of their switches at all times and have the ability to proactively address issues before they impact service level delivery and profitability. Transaction data and switch performance metrics can also be streamed or forwarded to third-party applications of choice for use cases related to open banking and PSD2 compliance, fraud management, channel management or customer analytics.

inetco solutions for switch application performance monitoring
Read the solutions sheet to learn more about INETCO’s centralized switch application performance monitoring capabilities.

To upgrade your current version of INETCO Insight, contact an INETCO representative. To learn more about INETCO’s new centralized payment switch application monitoring capabilities and how to gain visibility into your end-to-end payments ecosystem, read the solutions sheet or sign up for a demo today.