INETCO Solutions for Centralized Switch Application Performance Monitoring

Ongoing acquisition strategies has resulted in many global banks, payment processors and IADs striving to efficiently manage a payments ecosystem that is made up of multiple payments switch types and multiple locations. Efficiently managing application performance across these complex environments is challenging, but has never been more important given the increasing margin squeeze on surcharges and transaction fees. This has resulted in many organizations looking for new ways to:

  • Lower the cost-to-serve – Reducing support costs and speeding up mean-time-to-repair
  • Consolidate the cost of IT performance tools – Adopting solutions that can provide holistic visibility into transaction performance, switch application metrics and network communications
  • Improve availability – Supporting the completion of more transactions to increase profitability and deliver the best customer experience possible

Gain a unified, real-time view into switch application performance metrics, network monitoring and transaction management with INETCO Solutions

INETCO’s real-time transaction monitoring, analytics and data streaming solutions help global banks, payment processors and IADs efficiently monitor their enterprise-wide payments infrastructure from one, centralized tool.  With a combined view into transaction performance, switch application performance and network communications links, your organization can:

  • Reduce the service delivery risks associated with ongoing acquisition strategies
  • Reduce operational and support costs by centrally managing switch and transaction performance issues in real-time, enabling IT operations, channel systems management and application support teams to collaborate, isolate and resolve these issues 65-75% faster
  • Improve customer experience by continuously monitoring the performance of every individual transaction, and proactively fixing issues – such as unexpected bursts of traffic, high memory consumption or configuration issues – that could cause customer transactions to falter
  • Consolidate IT performance tool costs by establishing one-stop monitoring that covers your enterprise-wide payments infrastructure, and every one of your transactions, from one centralized tool
  • Improve profitability through higher transaction completion rates and more consistent end-to-end service level delivery

Are you ready to experience higher gross margins on each transaction due to lower cost to serve, consolidation of performance tool costs and higher availability?

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