Re-defining Enterprise Awareness – part 2: Martin’s Story

In our last blog post, Re-defining Enterprise Awareness, Stacy discussed how INETCO and NCR define Enterprise Awareness and how this suite of transaction management, cash management and device management software can significantly lower ATM channel operational costs and improve the consumer experience.

This week I’ll be moving from the 1000-foot, to the 6-foot 2-inch view, and retell the story of how Enterprise Awareness affects Martin—your all-star banking customer.

This is Martin. Martin’s personal accounts, business accounts (he runs a few successful coffee shops), mortgage and even kids’ savings accounts are all with your bank.


You have multiple ways to interact with Martin, and he loves them all. He loves his Mobile and Internet banking apps. He loves the POS terminals you provide for his shops. And as his coffee shops generate a fair amount of cash, Martin loves his bank branch—especially the ATM for his after-hour deposits.martin

Martin is typical of many of your customers. He’s busy, he’s on the move, he needs to get his banking done where and when it fits his schedule. Martin doesn’t have time to worry about his banking transactions—he just expects them to work!

Fortunately for you, your bank has Lynne.


Lynne is responsible for channel operations at your bank, so it’s her team managing all the services that are important to Martin. She knows that there are three critical conditions that need to be right when Martin arrives to whichever self-service device he’s about to use:

  1. Lynne understands that the technology at the point of transaction needs to be in great shape, and running as Martin expects
  2. She knows that the systems that are used to actually process and authorize Martin’s transactions must be working and communicating properly
  3. Lynne must also ensure that her ATMs have the available capacity to accept Martin’s deposit, along with the correct cash denominations for his stores’ change requirements

Luckily, Lynne’s team has some great software solutions that give them full Enterprise Awareness so that Martin continues to have an amazing experience with your bank.



Lynne’s help desk runs very efficiently with the support of NCR APTRA Vision. Her help desk uses the automated business rules capabilities within APTRA Vision to handle simple faults, freeing up help desk associates to handle more complex issues. From ATMs, to Interactive Tellers to kiosks, her team can see how well they’re performing, and are able to act fast and efficiently when they aren’t.

So when Martin walks into the branch and goes over to the self-service area, he’s not surprised to see all the machines ready and working.


INETCO Insight

Once Martin’s transaction is in progress, INETCO Insight monitors the transaction as it passes through the ATM switch and through multiple internal core banking systems—all in real-time.

And while Martin is at the ATM, the same INETCO Insight solution is also monitoring the performance of POS transactions from each of his stores; ensuring that any slow transactions, host authorization response issues or transaction failures are immediately flagged for investigation.

Whatever channel Martin uses to interact with his bank, whether as a personal consumer, a business account holder or a merchant POS acquirer customer, INETCO Insight allows Lynne’s team to identify and rectify any transaction slowdown or failure, before Martin’s most awesome banking experience is affected.


NCR OptiCash

The cash operations team is Lynne’s last port of call—and they use NCR APTRA OptiCash to anticipate the cash demand for each ATM and branch in the network, and to automate the daily process of ordering cash. This “optimization engine” models and simulates the different replenishment strategies to identify the optimum balance between the costs associated with holding large ATM cash stores, and risk of being out of cash.

Today, OptiCash took action on the ATM that Martin had planned to use. It identified that deposit volumes were running ahead of expected levels and that there was a potential situation where the machine could become full and go out of service. After accepting the recommendation from OptiCash, an unscheduled replenishment was sent to empty the deposit bin, saving Martin from the dreaded “out of service” screen when making his deposit.


For more on Martin’s story (complete with narration), watch the on-demand NCR and INETCO webinar: Ready. Get Set. Know! 3 critical conditions that impact your consumers

And to learn more on how your financial institution can enhance all your Martins’ customer experiences, contact us to arrange a call to discuss your specific Enterprise Awareness needs.