Sinergia Case Study – Expanding ATM management with NCR and INETCO

Earlier this week, INETCO and NCR shared with the world how Italian banking services provider, Sinergia, has taken the quantum leap to achieve one-stop, end-to-end visibility into their ATMs, transaction data and growing financial network. This is a really “Big Deal” because it’s a fantastic example of using ATM management and transaction monitoring solutions to tap into the power of “Big Data”. Let me explain…

read the full sinergia case study
Read the full Sinergia Case Study

Sinergia is responsible for delivering banking services and managing a central, standardized IT infrastructure for over 168 rural banks and 2000 ATMs that run on the Banche di Credito Cooperativo network in Italy. Their business success depends on guaranteeing reliable, secure transactions on thousands of remote ATMs, while offering more services, meeting new requirements, and reducing overall costs and overhead to help banks stay competitive.

Although ATM availability is still considered a key performance metric, Sinergia understands that when it comes to delivering an exceptional customer experience, monitoring failed customer interactions is just as important. To quickly get to the heart of any failed customer interactions, Sinergia needed visibility into both ATM device analytics and individual transaction communication sessions – without having to rely on customer or individual ATM vendor co-operation.

The INETCO Insight end-to-end transaction monitoring and analytics, bundled with NCR’s APTRA Vision multi-vendor ATM management capabilities, make it easy for Sinergia to access and analyze growing ATM data sets in a timely manner. Marco Monti, Banking Services Vice President at Sinergia states:

“Sinergia is now able to extend our services to a larger base of banks, and provide the multi-vendor ATM monitoring, multi-application maintenance and transaction analytics that our customers demand. This enables Sinergia to guarantee ATM availability, identify fraudulent behaviour anomalies, such as cash trapping, and deliver undisrupted services to all our customers. The INETCO Insight end-to-end transaction monitoring capabilities, bundled with NCR APTRA Vision, enables this by providing a powerful, cost effective solution that is far superior to any performance monitoring solution on the market today.”

To learn more about how you can tap into the power of your ATM “Big Data”, read the full Sinergia case study.