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Summer 2018

Welcome to the sunniest INETCO newsletter of the year! Pull out a lawn chair, pour a nice glass of lemonade and take five to educate yourself on new use cases and how real-time data monitoring and analytics is helping banks, processors and retailers around the globe boost channel profitability, improve customer experiences and reduce the risk of fraud.

Featured Stories

end to end customer ex wp

Enhancing the End-to-End Customer Experience with Real-time Data

What can financial institutions do to improve the speed and availability of their digital information? Earlier this quarter, we had the chance to join ATMmarketplace.com for a webinar exploring how better data accessibility fuels the ultimate end-to-end customer experience.

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This supporting whitepaper written by Jill Jaracz, contributing editor of ATMmarketplace.com, goes into further detail on the technological advancements in monitoring, data streaming and data analytics that your team can use when adopting a real-time data strategy.

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inetco wp insight alerts guide

A Guide to INETCO Insight’s Customizable Alerts

With financial institutions and payment processors generating and collecting more information about customer transactions faster than ever, organizations need to increase the required level of responsiveness when it comes to building lasting customer relationships, dealing with fraud or managing operational performance issues.

This guide is meant to help financial institutions and payment processors determine the steps needed to boost financial performance across all channels, improve customer experiences and manage fraud risks.

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New Solution Use Cases

inetco solutions omni chnl retail ops new

INETCO Solutions for POS and Retail Operations

Evolving network infrastructures have many retailers now struggling with slow or lost transactions, and an inability to seamlessly connect the customer experience between online and bricks & mortar store fronts. Learn how INETCO Solutions can help deliver a seamless customer experience across all retail channels.

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sol atm cash dispute resolution sp mediabox

INETCO Solutions for ATM Cash Dispute Resolution

Increasingly sophisticated ATM networks have resulted in more diverse data formats and data sources than ever before, leading many FIs to spend countless hours searching through bank records in different systems to conduct ATM cash dispute investigations. Learn how INETCO Solutions can help resolve these complaints in a way that meets growing customer demands for expediency.

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INETCO in the News

The Need for Data Speedpayments business

Read INETCO’s contribution to Payments Business magazine (June 2018) to learn how real-time analytics can boost financial performance, improve customer experiences and help manage risk.

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atm marketplace imageHow Banks Can Meet the Need for Speed in an Omni-Channel Age

Read ATMmarketplace.com‘s newest blog to learn how banks can keep up with customer expectations for speed, ease and convenience in managing their financial affairs in an omni-channel age.

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Ideas Lab

Channel Profitability Tracker

Build out a dashboard so that you can track profitability, down to the individual self-service device, on a continuous basis. Give yourself the agility to seize timely opportunities that align with customer expectation and revenue growth.

How it works:

  1. Enter the costs associated with owning and operating your ATM or other self-service devices
  2. Blend this with the message field details in each decoded transaction that make it possible to know:
    • Transaction amounts
    • Card types
    • Transaction types (ie: withdrawals, deposits, replenishments, etc.)
    • Transaction volumes
    • Payments rails used
    • Interchange fees
    • Other fees (ie: withdrawal fees) or revenues (ie: from off us cards) per transaction
  3. Apply simple algorithms that enable you to track the following for every self-service device – at any given time:
    • Cash balances
    • Revenue composition
    • Profitability per self-service device
    • Profitability at both the individual device level and overall fleet level

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