INETCO Solutions for POS and Omni-channel Retail Networks

Delivering a seamless customer experience across all retail channels has never been more important. Every retail interaction needs to be accounted for and completed as the customer expects – including complex transactions originating from:

  • Mobile and online applications that support in-store pick up
  • Self-checkouts with revenue enhancing offers and just-in-time promotions
  • POS systems being re-architected for more service options and increasing transaction volumes

But evolving network infrastructures have many retailers now struggling with slow or lost transactions, and an inability to seamlessly connect the customer experience between online and bricks & mortar store fronts.

Exceed expectations and improve profitability by delivering a seamless customer experience with INETCO Solutions

INETCO solutions are offer real-time transaction monitoring, alerting and analytics capabilities designed to help retailers guarantee every transaction is completed as expected, and in a timely manner. These solutions will help you to::

  • Improve the delivery speed and availability of customer transaction data – across all POS and digital retail channels
  • Proactively respond to events occurring at mobile, online and in-store checkout systems
  • Analyze customer behaviors, run predictive and machine learning algorithms against this data, and immediately respond to expected shifts in buying habits
  • Increase channel profitability through better self-service device availability and increased transaction completion rates
  • Resolve operational performance issues faster and experience significant efficiency gains through:
    • A centralized source of real-time customer transaction data
    • An end-to-end performance view of your retail payments network
    • Ongoing analysis of channel usage, profitability and performance

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