Talking to an ATM about Customer Analytics

Watch the full 6 minute INETCO Analytics pitch delivered at FinovateSpring 2015.

A few weeks back, INETCO introduced its new banking and customer analytics application, INETCO Analytics, at FinovateSpring in San Jose. INETCO’s CFO, Dallas Pretty, was good-natured enough to play the role of a talking ATM.  The conversation went something like this:

Marc: Hi, I’m Marc Borbas, VP of Product Marketing for INETCO. And this is Dallas Pretty, our CFO.  We’re here to introduce our new INETCO Analytics product today and I’m just going to take a minute to set things up…

Dallas the ATM: Hey Marc, don’t forget that I’m cutting your budget by 5% for every minute I stand here in this costume.

Marc: Right, thanks for the reminder. OK, we’re going to do a little role play during our demo. I’m going to be an ATM channel manager. Dallas is going to be an ATM.

Marc: Dallas, where are you?

Dallas the ATM: On the stage at Finovate Spring, San Jose. Lat/Long 37.3394857,-121.8948555.

Marc: Very precise. Thank you. I’d like to understand how valuable that location is. Are there any competitor ATMs around you?

Dallas the ATM, spinning in a circle: Nope, can’t see any.

Marc: Let’s look at how we could answer this with INETCO Analytics. On the left map, I can see my entire ATM fleet, as well as my competitor’s ATMs. Very useful for making better ATM placement decisions.  Dallas, could you move forward a few feet?

atm placement dashboard in inetco analytics

Marc: OK…so how busy are you?

Dallas the ATM: Whew, really busy. Just finished a virus scan. A guy came on Tuesday and changed my receipt paper. I’m about to send some status information to my host…

Marc: OK, I was thinking more in terms of customer line-ups. In the right corner of this dashboard, I see customer queues that are happening at my ATMs. It looks like we could use another ATM beside you.

Marc: Who are your best customers these days?

Dallas the ATM: I like the ones with gloves on. They’re far easier on my buttons. I hate the ones that touch my screen…I’m not that kind of ATM, buddy!

Marc: Let’s look at how INETCO Analytics allows me to spot which ATMs serve your best customers. Wow Dallas, you’ve got some great customers!

customer analytics dashboard in inetco analytics

Marc: How is your cash utilization these days – are you close to our target of 80%?

Dallas the ATM: Hang on, let me check my drawers…

Marc: Whoa, whoa, stop…let’s keep it PG here. Using INETCO Analytics, I can quickly see cash levels against target for any ATM.  Whoa!  What happened in July??

cash utilization at the atm dashboard in inetco analytics

This little demo through role play highlighted something we see in banks large and small. An inordinate amount of time and money spent interrogating devices and getting unsatisfactory answers because what you’re really interested in is the customers and the transactions they perform.

A self-service analytics application such as INETCO Analytics shows ATM channel managers how customers interact with various devices and services. The goal is to help you better understand your customers, become more data-driven in your strategic activities, and speed up reporting.

Contact us to learn how you too can achieve perfect ATM placement and better customer banking engagement, or watch this 6 minute video from Finovate for the full presentation.