More Vertical Analytics Solutions–INETCO Goes Analytical On ATM Data

forbes logoIn a recent Forbes article, Ben Kepes discusses the need for tailored big data and analytics offerings, and the recent launch of INETCO Analytics. Below is an excerpt:

I’m seeing more examples of big data and analytics vendors tailoring their offerings to specific verticals. At the same time we’re seeing specialist vertical vendors add an analytics solution on top of their existing offerings. It makes sense, partly because individual verticals have highly specific needs that can’t be met by plain vanilla offerings but also for more commercial reasons – in a very crowded marketplace it’s difficult to get attention and differentiate from all the other players. Being able to tell a vertical story is certainly a good way to do so.

And so it is today with INETCO who is launching a banking specific analytics offering. INETCO offers transaction monitoring and customer analytics software and has existing customers in the banking, retail and telco markets. Their new offering, INETCO Analytics, is a self-serve analytics application that allows banks, payment companies and independent ATM deployers to gain insights from the electronic data they already hold. With INETCO Analytics, customers can see how end-users interact with Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) and other devices involved in point-of-sale, mobile banking, internet banking and retail banking.

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