Would you rather have 42 performance monitoring tools, or 2?

One of our customers (a major payment processor and ATM deployer) has downsized their monitoring software tool set from 42 diverse tools to 2 primary interfaces. I’m happy to report that INETCO Insight business transaction management software (BTM) is one of them. The other is NCR’s Gasper Vantage self-service management and ATM monitoring product.

I have to credit their director of EFT operations for this incredible feat. He had the vision to realize that if he could concentrate his team’s energy on watching fewer application performance monitoring (APM) tools, he’d enjoy much greater productivity, spot performance issues faster, and provide a much higher level of service. He also had the energy and drive to relentlessly ask his teams a single question every time the company had a performance issue: “What was your point of recognition?”

If the answer was: “the customer called” or, “we saw something flash past in a log”, or “something just didn’t feel right” he immediately started a project to find a way to automatically capture that event.

Along the way, he enlisted us at INETCO to automatically capture key transaction performance events (e.g. sudden increases in decline rates, failed transactions, unusual response codes). He also rolled out our deeper problem isolation capabilities to his 2nd and 3rd line support teams. We rapidly became a critical tool; one that allowed them to eliminate or deprecate a number of custom interfaces to their host system to get at transaction information.

He also invested in the Gasper Vantage ATM monitoring product from NCR and began using it as the central collection point for event information, as well as for ticketing and dispatch.

Then, came a fateful day. He asked his team “what was your point of recognition?”. When they said “INETCO Insight”, he said “why not Gasper Vantage?” Then he called me.

The rest is history. INETCO Insight now includes a connector to pass events into NCR Gasper Vantage (and APTRA Vision). We have a new partnership with NCR to resell INETCO Insight into banks, processors, and ATM deployers worldwide. And we’ve proven that these two pieces of software should be the foundation of your monitoring software tool set.

So, to that director of operations, I know your journey is never over, but congratulations on getting to this point, and thank you for making us part of your vision.

To learn more about how transaction profiling can compliment ATM monitoring solutions such as APTRA Vision and Gasper, sign up for next week’s webinar (November 22nd and 23rd) on “Demystifying the Top 5 Myths in ATM Transaction Monitoring“:

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Demystifying the Top 5 Myths in ATM Transaction Monitoring - Webinar Nov. 22nd and 23rd