INETCO Insight® and INETCO Analytics™ datasheets for ATM, multi-channel banking and payment processing environments

Software for resolving transaction issues and understanding banking analytics in ATM and multi-channel retail banking environments

Featured datasheet

INETCO Analytics Product Sheet

True customer insight begins with transaction data. INETCO Analytics will help you:

  • Understand customer banking behaviors across all banking channels
  • Quickly identify transaction anomalies
  • Speed up reporting cycles
  • Increase customer acquisition
  • Maintain real-time control of systems performance and channel profitability
INETCO Insight Product Sheet

INETCO Insight Product Sheet

Proven real-time transaction monitoring and data streaming software for banking and payments environments.

INETCO solutions sheet for omni-channel banking

INETCO Solutions Sheet – Omni-channel Banking

Make customer engagement data the focus of your omni-channel banking strategy with INETCO solutions

INETCO solution sheet for card analytics

INETCO Solutions Sheet – Card Operations

Use INETCO solutions to increase customer engagement, reduce fraud and improve profitability - across all your card operations and banking channels.

INETCO solutions sheet for the ATM Channel

INETCO Solutions Sheet – ATM Channel

Improve ATM channel usage, extend incident management across your end-to-end infrastructure and understand the customer experience with INETCO solutions