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Tuesday May 14, 2019

INETCO Solutions Sheet – ATM Cash-Outs and Early Warning Fraud Detection

With the recent ‘unlimited’ ATM cash-out attacks, banks, IADs and payment processors must adopt early warning fraud detection strategies that give them the ability to detect debit card and ATM fraud as it is unfolding – not after the damage is done. This includes:

  • Identifying ‘Fake’ processing due to switch malware and card compromise
  • Isolating terminals used in a coordinated ATM cash-out attacks
  • Knowing when a concentration of transactions are occurring on a particular terminal or area
  • Picking up on an unusually high number of unexpected fall-back transactions
  • Creating visibility into implausible transacting scenarios (multiple devices / countries in a limited period)
Tuesday May 7, 2019
INETCO solution sheet for card analytics

INETCO Solutions Sheet – Card Operations

Use INETCO solutions to increase customer engagement, reduce fraud and improve profitability - across all your card operations and banking channels.


INETCO Solutions Sheet – Reconciliation and ATM Dispute Resolution

Learn how INETCO solutions can help you resolve ATM cash disputes in a timely, cost-effective manner.


INETCO Solutions Sheet – Retail and POS

Learn how INETCO's Retail and POS solution can help you deliver a seamless customer experience with end-to-end visibility into every transaction.

INETCO Solutions Data Sheet for Switch Monitoring

INETCO Solutions Sheet – Switch Application Performance Monitoring

Centralized switch application performance monitoring is now available within INETCO Insight, to help banks, payment processors and IADs improve availability and deliver an exceptional customer experience.


INETCO Solutions Sheet – ATM Cash Monitoring

Read how INETCO is making the lives of ATM managers and cash operations teams easier by providing a real-time stream of all ATM transaction data.

INETCO Solutions Sheet for Payments Security

INETCO Solutions Sheet – Payments System Security

Read how INETCO is improving payments systems security for banks, processors and retailers by immediately detecting transaction anomalies within ATM and POS ecosystems.


INETCO Analytics Product Sheet

INETCO Analytics Product Sheet - Accessing the data you need to understand where, when and how customers bank


INETCO Insight Product Sheet

Proven real-time transaction monitoring and data streaming software for banking and payments environments.

INETCO solutions sheet for omni-channel banking

INETCO Solutions Sheet – Omni-channel Banking

Make customer engagement data the focus of your omni-channel banking strategy with INETCO solutions

INETCO solutions sheet for the ATM Channel

INETCO Solutions Sheet – ATM Channel

Improve ATM channel usage, extend incident management across your end-to-end infrastructure and understand the customer experience with INETCO solutions