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Wednesday February 11, 2015

Driving Banking Engagement with Customer Analytics

According to a recent Celent study, “62% of financial institutions strongly believe that customer analytics offers significant competitive advantages and 53% strongly feel they need a granular, holistic and forward-looking view of customers to be competitive.” – Bob Meara, Senior Analyst, Celent’s Banking practice.

Join Bob Meara, senior analyst with Celent’s Banking practice, and Kambiz Asrar Haghighi, INETCO’s VP of Product Management, for a 45 minute webinar to learn how to tap into your existing transaction data and access the rich customer analytics you need to drive banking engagement, adopt data-driven banking strategies, and speed up your profitability reporting cycles.

Key webinar takeaways:

  • How transaction data plays a key role in helping you understand the customer experience
  • How to move from Big Data talk to Big Data action with customer analytics
  • Live data use case demonstration of the new INETCO Analytics for ATM solutions pack

All those who register for the webinar will receive a copy of its recording as well the corresponding whitepaper: Improving Banking Engagement with Customer Analytics

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INETCO featuring Celent
Wednesday February 11, 2015

Driving Banking Engagement with Customer Analytics

Discover how to unlock "Big Data" across all your banking channels through new approaches to transaction data collection, storage and visualization of customer analytics.

Thursday January 8, 2015
INETCO Analytics for ATM

INETCO Analytics for ATM

Managing big data is a challenge for anyone responsible for an ATM channel. Just how do you make sense of the seemingly infinite stream of information to gain much needed banking analytics and customer analytics?


INETCO Analytics

Analytics software to help you leverage your electronic transaction data for ATM customer analytics and data-driven banking engagement strategies.

Tuesday December 16, 2014
Consumer Engagement Resolutions

How to Meet Your Top 3 Consumer Engagement Resolutions

2015 is all about consumer engagement. How are you planning to meet their self-service banking expectations?

Tuesday October 7, 2014

Ready. Get Set. Know! 3 critical conditions that impact your consumers’ experience

Join NCR and INETCO for a one-hour webinar to learn how to consistently deliver exceptional retail banking consumer experiences.

Monday September 15, 2014
INETCO Whitepaper image

Evaluating ATM / POS Transaction Monitoring: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy of Solutions

Helping you navigate the galaxy of real-time transaction monitoring and analytics solutions

Tuesday September 9, 2014
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Transaction Monitoring and Analytics

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Transaction Monitoring and Analytics

Navigating the galaxy of real-time transaction monitoring and analytics solutions? Explore the key requirements guiding ATM and POS channel teams in their quest to select the right solution for their needs.

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.® – Enhancing customer service reliability with INETCO Insight®
case study

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.® – Enhancing customer service reliability

Enhancing ATM/POS customer service reliability and resource management through expedited access to transaction data.

Thursday June 26, 2014
What\'s the ROI?

What’s the ROI?

How to build your quantifiable business case for investing in real-time ATM transaction monitoring and analytics software.