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Friday August 2, 2019

Banking on ATM Big Data: How to use real-time transaction data to make your operations lean and customers keen

While the ATM channel remains a strategic part of a healthy omni-channel banking ecosystem, it is continuously under critical analysis within many financial institutions. The big challenge lies in maintaining ATM fleets as a profitable delivery channel.

This whitepaper outlines five key areas where transaction intelligence can be used to support a profitable strategy around digital transformation, ATM channel distribution and customer service delivery. It will discuss how a real-time transaction data platform can help financial institutions to continuously collect customer transaction data and turn it into actionable insights related to:

  • Early warning fraud detection and compliance
  • Real-time payments monitoring and performance alerting
  • Customer usage, ATM placement and self-service channel profitability analysis
  • Cash forecasting
  • Reconciliation and ATM dispute resolution
Friday May 17, 2019

INETCO Insight Data Access Options Product Sheet

Make real-time and historical transaction data collected by INETCO Insight workable for operational performance monitoring, customer insights, and fraud detection.

Tuesday May 14, 2019

INETCO Solutions Sheet – ATM Cash-Outs and Early Warning Fraud Detection

Read this INETCO solutions sheet to learn how to adopt early warning fraud detection strategies that detect debit card and ATM fraud as it is unfolding – not after the damage is done.

Tuesday May 7, 2019
INETCO solution sheet for card analytics

INETCO Solutions Sheet – Card Operations

Use INETCO solutions to increase customer engagement, reduce fraud and improve profitability - across all your card operations and banking channels.

Thursday April 4, 2019

Banking on Big Data: Insights to make ATM operations lean & customers keen

Explore developing use cases that leverage real-time transaction data for analyzing customer interactions and ATM channel performance, increasing ATM operations efficiency & reducing the risk of logical attacks.

Friday February 8, 2019
case study

How BKM Improved Service Level Delivery through End-to-End Transaction Visibility

Learn now Turkey's national Switch improves it's service level delivery while validating and clearing close to 10 million transactions per day, routing through a number of different payment gateways.


Why a Multi-Layered Technology Approach is the Best Choice for Preventing ATM Cash-outs and Cybersecurity Attacks

Read this whitepaper to help your organization understand the importance of adding transaction-level monitoring to your fraud prevention strategy.

Friday October 26, 2018

Thriving in the Big Squeeze (5-Minutes)

Join INETCO to learn how real-time data can help banks and FIs lower the cost to serve, yet still offer customers great rewards.

Thursday October 25, 2018

Take a Bite Out of ATM and Branch Transformation (5-Minutes)

Join us today as we taco 'bout how real-time data can help banks and FIs reduce operational costs while delivering an enhanced customer experience at both ATMs and in-person branches.

Wednesday October 24, 2018

The Early Bird… Catches the Fraud (5-Minutes)

Join INETCO's Ugan Naidoo, VP of Engineering and Services, as he discusses how real-time data helps banks and FI's with early warning fraud detection.