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INETCO Insight for Payment Analytics and Business Intelligence Data Streaming Product Sheet

With INETCO Insight, accelerate digital transformation through real-time transaction data acquisition.

Providing the in-depth payment data and dashboard expertise channel managers, customer experience teams and analysts need to:

  • Increase customer engagement – Improve segmentation and card usage across all payment channels
  • Speed up reporting cycles and ad hoc queries by 75% – Reduce expensive resource-intensive cycles
  • Improve profitability through smarter, faster decisions – Take advantage of on-demand payment analytics to offer timely and personalized customer engagement
  • Foster a seamless, open exchange of data – Increase collaboration with the option to centralize and reliably stream high quality transaction data
A woman completing an online transactions while a fraud operations team monitors for real-time payments fraud

INETCO Insight for Payment Performance Monitoring Product Sheet

INETCO Insight® — Improving payment performance one transaction at a time

A couple making a contactless payment at a POS device while INETCO Insight detects payment fraud

INETCO Insight for Payment Fraud Product Sheet

Proven real-time transaction data platform for detecting and preventing payment fraud – across ATM, POS, Digital and Real-time Payments Channels.

Tuesday June 23, 2020
INETCO Insight payment fraud boot camp miniseries logo in front of a bank\'s payment fraud and security team ensuring that transactions complete as expected for customers.

1-2-3 Detect: Tips to get your payment fraud strategy in top shape

Five minute videos. Once a week. Seven weeks. A payment fraud boot camp miniseries to speed up your transaction-level payment fraud detection and prevention.

Wednesday April 29, 2020

Tips to Help Financial Institutions Navigate the Impact of COVID-19 on Payments

Join INETCO as we share tips designed to help retail banks and credit unions balance revenue concerns with customer support.

Wednesday April 29, 2020
Woman holding a mobile phone making an mobile purchase

Tips to Help Financial Institutions Navigate the Impact of COVID-19 on Their Payments Business

Discover the how financial institutions can navigate the impact of COVID-19 on payments business while balancing revenue concerns with customer support.

Wednesday April 15, 2020
A payment fraud team member concerned about the impact fraud attacks have on customer experience, reputation and the financial bottom line

INETCO Insight for Payment Fraud Detection – 3 Minutes

Is your payment fraud team looking to stay ahead of the next big attack? INETCO Insight detects suspicious behavior and stops fraud before it impacts customer experience, reputation, and the financial bottom line.

Thursday December 5, 2019
EVERTEC Costa Rica using INETCO Insight to gain end-to-end visibility into the transaction of a man using a mobile payment application to pay for groceries
case study

How EVERTEC Costa Rica, S.A. Improves Customer Service Levels and Proactive Problem Resolution with Real-time End-to-End Transaction Monitoring

Learn how one of the largest merchant acquirers in Latin America uses INETCO Insight to easily identify network outages, third party disconnects or application latencies that affect consumer payment transactions.

Tuesday December 3, 2019
E-Global securing the end-to-end customer experience, one transaction at a time.

The Need for Data Speed: The secret to how E-Global secures the end-to-end customer experience

Explore how Mexico’s largest electronic payments processor consistently secures the end-to-end customer experience while processing more than 13 million credit and debit card transactions each day.

Tuesday October 1, 2019
INETCO Insight 7 payment fraud detection and prevention

Unveiling INETCO Insight 7: The next generation of real-time fraud payment detection and prevention

Take a 45 minute deep dive into the new INETCO Insight 7 platform featuring a fraud configuration that combines customer transaction data acquisition, configurable rules-based alerting & adaptive machine learning capabilities