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Monday September 23, 2019

INETCO Insight – Machine Learning and Risk Scoring for Real-time Payment Fraud Detection and Prevention

With The Nilson Report projecting $34.66 billion in global fraud losses by 2022, it is clear that crime syndicates are investing heavily in finding new and more advanced ways of countering the controls organizations are constantly implementing. Financial institutions, retailers, card service providers and acquiring processors are struggling to detect suspicious payment transaction behavior and prevent payment fraud attacks before experiencing major financial loss and customer dissatisfaction.

This whitepaper details how combining real-time payment data acquisition, a highly configurable rules-based alerting engine and adaptive machine learning capabilities into a single platform can help financial institutions, retailers, card service providers and acquiring processors to:

  • Detect and isolate front-end payment fraud attacks in real-time
  • Reduce revenue loss associated with breaches to payment switches and internal systems
  • Improve risk scoring precision so legitimate customers are not blocked from accessing their accounts

Banking on ATM Big Data: How to use real-time transaction data to make your operations lean and customers keen

Learn how to use real-time ATM transaction data to support a profitable strategy around digital transformation, ATM channel distribution and customer service delivery.

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Why a Multi-Layered Technology Approach is the Best Choice for Preventing ATM Cash-outs and Cybersecurity Attacks

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INETCO Insight — Use cases to help you drive more business value from customer transaction data

Read this guide to help your organization identify scenarios where better access to real-time transaction data will help you improve return-on-investment (ROI).

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A Customizable Alerts Guide to INETCO Insight

This guide outlines how organizational teams, such as IT Operations, ATM Operations, Retail & POS Operations, Fraud & Security Operations and Switch Operations use INETCO Insight’s real-time alerts.

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Reinventing ATM Availability: How customer centricity and channel profitability have redefined the oldest KPI in ATM history

Read this Fiserv and INETCO whitepaper to explore of how customer centricity and profitability are redefining the scope of ATM and self-service channel Availability.

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Enhancing the End-to-End Customer Experience with Real-Time Data

This and INETCO whitepaper details the technology advancements in monitoring, data streaming and data analytics that your team can use when adopting a real-time data strategy.


Data Access Options to Accelerate Your Digital Banking Transformation

A guide to accelerating digital banking transformations by making transaction data easily available to any application or organizational team who needs it


Global Insights and Best Practices for ATM Ownership and Management

The ATM Total Cost of Ownership Guide was recently published by ATM Marketplace and INETCO partner, Fiserv. It takes a look at the most common challenges faced in ATM monitoring today.


The CIO Advantage: Controlling the epicenter of customer data for digital banking transformation and omnichannel management

This whitepaper aims to help CIOs understand how they can increase the value and utility of customer transaction data, and drive inter-departmental change within their financial institution


Paving Your Path to Branch Transformation: Three channel performance management tactics to succeed

This whitepaper explores what is driving digital transformation within the bank branch and proposes how to adapt your existing channel performance management approach.

Analytics Blueprint

A Data Analytics Plan: Do you have one?

This whitepaper provides a blueprint for a data analytics strategy that works. Outlined are five main factors to consider when embarking or refining your organization’s data analytics journey.

Managing Omnichannel Banking Initiatives Whitepaper

Managing Omnichannel Banking Initiatives

A whitepaper for channel managers and digital executives facing new performance management requirements emerging from digital transformation and omnichannel banking initiatives.


INETCO Analytics Real-time Analytics Product Overview

This product overview will explain how the INETCO Analytics data management solution works, and how this best of breed technology stack results in a state of the art transaction analytics solution.


Unlocking your ATM “Big Data”: The power of real-time transaction monitoring and analytics

How real-time transaction monitoring and analytics software helps banks gain easy access to actionable ATM statistics across customer service, systems management and cash management scenarios.


Monitoring Your Active/Active Payments Environment

A whitepaper explaining how banks and payment processors can gain an end-to-end view into every transaction path within complex active/active environments.


Driving Banking Engagement with Customer Analytics

Discover how to unlock "Big Data" across all your banking channels through new approaches to transaction data collection, storage and visualization of customer analytics.

What\'s the ROI?

What’s the ROI?

How to build your quantifiable business case for investing in real-time ATM transaction monitoring and analytics software.