INETCO Insight® and INETCO Analytics™ application performance management whitepapers and analyst reports

Discover the positive business impact transaction monitoring, customer analytics and application performance management have on banking engagement and operational support costs.

Featured whitepaper

Paving Your Path to Branch Transformation: Three channel performance management tactics to succeed

This whitepaper outlines key adaptations to your existing channel performance management approach that will help support the integration of digital migration and branch transformation strategies. Recommended areas to focus on:

  • Device management – Know and understand your self-service devices
  • Transaction management – Unlock the value of customer transaction data
  • Cash management – Be on top of your cash flow movement
Thursday February 25, 2016
Analytics Blueprint

A Data Analytics Plan: Do you have one?

This whitepaper provides a blueprint for a data analytics strategy that works. Outlined are five main factors to consider when embarking or refining your organization’s data analytics journey.

Thursday January 7, 2016
Managing Omnichannel Banking Initiatives Whitepaper

Managing Omnichannel Banking Initiatives

A whitepaper for channel managers and digital executives facing new performance management requirements emerging from digital transformation and omnichannel banking initiatives.

Thursday November 19, 2015

INETCO Analytics Technology Solution Overview

This product overview will explain how the INETCO Analytics data management solution works, and how this best of breed technology stack results in a state of the art transaction analytics solution.

Monday November 2, 2015

Unlocking your ATM “Big Data”: The power of real-time transaction monitoring and analytics

How real-time transaction monitoring and analytics software helps banks gain easy access to actionable ATM statistics across customer service, systems management and cash management scenarios.

Tuesday June 30, 2015

Monitoring Your Active/Active Payments Environment

A whitepaper explaining how banks and payment processors can gain an end-to-end view into every transaction path within complex active/active environments.

Wednesday February 11, 2015

Driving Banking Engagement with Customer Analytics

Discover how to unlock "Big Data" across all your banking channels through new approaches to transaction data collection, storage and visualization of customer analytics.

Monday September 15, 2014
INETCO Whitepaper image

Evaluating ATM / POS Transaction Monitoring: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy of Solutions

Helping you navigate the galaxy of real-time transaction monitoring and banking analytics solutions

Thursday June 26, 2014
What\'s the ROI?

What’s the ROI?

How to build your quantifiable business case for investing in real-time ATM transaction monitoring and analytics software.

Monday May 26, 2014
INETCO Insight 5 Product Overview

INETCO Insight Business Transaction Management Software – Product Overview

A review of INETCO Insight’s features and benefits

Wednesday March 26, 2014
Under the Hood of INETCO Insight

The INETCO Insight Transaction Data Platform – A Technical Deep-Dive

A technical review of how the INETCO Insight transaction data platform works.

Tuesday November 19, 2013
INETCO Vendor Index Report by TRAC Research

INETCO Vendor Index Report by TRAC Research

How INETCO Insight software ranks compared to industry standards in the application performance management and IT operations analytics (ITOA) space.

Monday August 19, 2013
The Quest for Better Operational Intelligence - ITOA

The Quest for Better Operational Intelligence – ITOA

Learn what is driving the emergence of IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) tools and the three key requirements when it comes to harnessing Big Data within operations environments.

Friday June 28, 2013

Integrating Device Management, Cash Management and Channel Management Across Your Multi-channel Banking Environment

How device management, cash management and real-time transaction monitoring software provides holistic channel management and multi-channel banking visibility

Friday June 7, 2013
Five Dimensions of Application Performance Management Software

Why Gartner’s 5 Dimensions of Application Performance Management are Irrelevant

Analyst Bernd Harzog discusses the performance management impact of cloud-based applications, virtualization and Agile development.

Thursday February 21, 2013
5 Best Practices for Monitoring Multi-channel Retail Banking Environments

5 Best Practices for Monitoring Self-service Banking Environments

Learn about five recommended Best Practices when it comes to monitoring the performance of multi-channel banking environments.

Tuesday February 28, 2012
The Unified Transaction Model

The Unified Transaction Model for Transaction Profiling

A data model that shows the correlation of multi-hop transactions across distributed applications and profiles the real-time network, application and customer experience metrics for each transaction.