INETCO Solutions for POS Monitoring and Retail Application Management

Consumer transactions are the lifeline of a retail business. Whether they interact through point-of-sale (POS) systems, online or mobile applications, your consumers will expect convenient payments choices, cross-channel functionality and catered service offerings. These growing demands, along with increasing competition and mandatory security requirements such as EMV, have many retailers upgrading POS systems, undergoing payments modernization projects and exploring initiatives that include:

  • Increasing consumer wallet share –Delivering seamless service continuity, while utilizing consumer spending and behavioral data to better align marketing and value-added service offerings
  • Reducing consumer abandonment – Predicting consumer shopping behaviors, line queues and service preferences, while proactively monitoring for transaction delays, capacity issues, behavior anomalies and unexpected declines, especially during peak holiday seasons
  • Processing consumer transactions quickly and cost efficiently – Analyzing transaction profitability, isolating problems or EMV fallbacks, assigning ownership and quickly determining the escalation route


Collect real-time transaction data that will help you understand buying behavior and deliver an amazing consumer experience with INETCO Solutions

INETCO’s solutions for POS monitoring and channel analysis capture real-time transaction data and provide centralized, visibility across all POS and other retail applications through easily configured dashboards, on-demand reports and consumer engagement analytics. These solutions will help your retail organization to:

  • Increase sales activity by adding new service options and gaining a consumer-centric view into how your POS terminals, self-checkout systems and other retail applications are used
  • Analyze consumer spending behavior and sales data broken down by hour, store, region, card/digital payment type, transaction completion status, POS terminals or register types (ie: self-checkout, kiosk or lane)
  • Predict lane queuing, cash movement and cashier staffing needs while improving the ROI of targeted marketing campaigns through better market segmentation
  • Reduce dependency on authorization hosts and third party switch providers by capturing all digital transactions within your retail payments network, and independently monitoring transaction performance, capacity and consumer buying behavior
  • Proactively monitor the end-to-end life cycle of every consumer interaction, to reduce risk of service failures during new service or product roll-outs, quickly identify host authorization communication issues, and isolate performance or fraudulent issues anywhere within the retail payments network

Are you ready to proactively flag service risks, better understand the consumer experience, and roll-out new service offerings without risk of disruption?

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