INETCO Solutions for Interac® Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Banks and Credit Unions take card fraud seriously. In addition to using EMV chip technology to protect against counterfeiting, transaction replay and card-not-present transactions, card services and national payment networks such as Interac® also outline strong transaction monitoring compliance regulations that must be met in order to issue and receive card transactions. Compliance certification often includes criteria such as:

  • Visual notification of security events – to alert operators when a transaction anomaly occurs, and provide quick access to transaction data that can help isolate the root cause issue
  • Instant notification by email or SMS – to send out real-time notifications that an anomaly is occurring
  • Overnight reporting capabilities – to generate reports on trends, usage, incidents and previous day activity

Meet transaction monitoring regulatory compliance in a faster, more cost effective way with INETCO Solutions

INETCO’s transaction-level monitoring and alerting software is specifically designed to provide banks and credit unions with the transaction performance visibility they need to meet regulatory compliance (such as Interac®), and ensure the security of their card channels.

  • Be instantly aware of suspect fraud activity, hacking attempts and security incident events – Use real-time alerts, customized thresholds and continuous monitoring to identify issues between the switch and the banking host such as:
    • Invalid MAC values
    • MAC key sync
    • HSM failure errors
    • Server timeouts
  • Access mandatory audit and security message fields – Improve data access and usability through a user-friendly console, and the automatic decoding and logging of each field for every transaction, including:
    • Message types
    • Card numbers
    • Amounts
    • Transaction dates and times
    • Response codes
    • Terminal ID’s
    • ISO 8583 messages
  • Immediately isolate performance issues related to a device, switch, banking host, network back-bone or interbank connection – Reconstruct individual end-to-end card transaction paths based on “hop-by-hop” response times and time stamps

Are you ready to invest in a reliable source of quality transaction data to meet transaction monitoring and interchange compliance rules?

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