WEBINAR - The Quest for Better Operational Intelligence: Three Key Requirements for IT Operations Analytics

Learn how to harness Big Data for IT Operational Intelligence


Watch this webcast and uncover the opportunities provided by IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) for your organization. Learn answers to questions such as:

  • What are the three key requirements for IT Operations Analytics?
  • How do you bridge existing IT management systems to IT Operations Analytics?
  • How does INETCO Insight deliver on emerging ITOA requirements?


To learn more, download this whitepaper titled, “The Quest for Better Operational Intelligence: Understanding the three key requirements when it comes to harnessing Big Data for IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)”

Download the ITOA Whitepaper Now!


Marc Borbas, VP of Marketing at INETCO Systems Ltd.

Marc Borbas is the Vice President of Marketing for INETCO. In his role, he sets product strategy for INETCO Insight, the company's flagship business transaction management product. Borbas has worked in the applications and infrastructure software space for more than 12 years, and has an extensive background in marketing, business strategy and product development at Sophos, Business Objects (now SAP), Crystal Decisions, and Fincentric Corporation.

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