A New Kind of Application Performance Monitoring (APM) for AppOps & IT Operations

Why do AppOps and IT Operations teams need application performance monitoring (APM) solutions that are response time-centric and provide end-to-end monitoring across IT infrastructure and application platforms?  

It used to be enough for teams supporting applications in production (AppOps) and other IT Operations teams to focus on infrastructure and critical devices, using resource utilization as the key performance metric.  But while most companies require infrastructure monitoring capabilities to underpin information and communications technology (ICT) execution and delivery, where they derive their true business value has shifted.

From a business value perspective, companies are now interested in seeing, in real time, how services and business processes are being delivered 

This means today’s AppOps and IT Operations teams require more collaboration and faster access to a wider range of infrastructure and application performance data than ever before.  They have shifted away from measuring how resources are consumed, and place a greater emphasis on application response times, business process delivery and what the end user or customer is experiencing.

How can AppOps and IT Operations teams achieve this type of visibility when IT environments have become so complex?

A fresh, lightweight approach to application performance monitoring, such as INETCO Insight, has been developed to help AppOps and IT operations teams handle:

Today’s APM solutions can now be categorized as either development or operational tools:

Transaction-centric application performance monitoring and business transaction management (BTM) solutions such as INETCO Insight are considered next-gen APM operational tools for service quality delivery

Transaction-centric APM and BTM tools help AppOps and IT Operations teams breach cross-organizational boundaries by providing true end-to-end visibility into transaction flow, correlation of hop-by-hop response times and end user experience (EUE) metrics that reflect closely on enterprise service level delivery.  This can be achieved without having to deploy a number of point solutions addressing individual IT domains, or correlating performance data collected from different sources. 

APM operational tools are designed to monitor today’s production environments, providing AppOps and IT Operations with the ability to monitor transaction response times, business process delivery and what the end customer is experiencing:

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“INETCO Insight has helped Open Solutions optimize the way we roll out new financial services and manage our dynamic payment transaction environment.  Enhanced alerting capabilities significantly reduce risk of service disruption, while the ability to query up to 8 days of complete transaction history considerably improves our ability to manage and troubleshoot our payment processing environment.”

Mark Newman, Operations Manager
Open Solutions Canada