Edenred México Chooses INETCO Insight for Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

Edenred, the world leader in corporate services, shows serious commitment to offer an incredible experience for its 2 million users

edenred logo Mexico City, Mexico – May 19th, 2015 – INETCO® Systems Ltd. (www.inetco.com), a leading provider of real-time transaction monitoring and customer analytics solutions, today announced that Edenred México S.A. de C.V. has incorporated the INETCO Insight® software platform.

Edenred México will use INETCO Insight’s delivery of real-time transaction data and performance enhancement alerts to safely expand prepaid card and rewards offerings, manage service level agreement expectations and deliver an amazing customer experience.

INETCO Insight is now our key monitoring tool for the main transaction platform, allowing us to visualize quickly and efficiently any instability or loss of performance,” said Laurent Long, Director of Technology and Information at Edenred México. “Visibility into real-time transaction data enables us to respond rapidly to critical situations.

Operating in 42 countries, Edenred is known as the world leader in prepaid corporate services. The Company designs and manages solutions that improve the efficiency of organizations and purchasing power to individuals. In 2014, total issue volume for the Group ascended to €17.7 billion, of which almost 60% was generated in emerging markets.  With more than 30 years of experience supporting the Mexican market, Edenred México provides their services to over 30,000 customers, 2 million users and 40,000 affiliates. By ensuring that allocated funds are used specifically as intended, these solutions also enable organizations to more effectively manage their:

  • Employee benefits (Ticket Vale Despensas®, Ticket Restaurante®, Ticket Uniforme®)
  • Expense management process (Ticket Car®, Ticket Empresarial®)
  • Incentive and rewards programs (Ticket Regalo®, Ticket Premium®)

INETCO Insight provides Edenred México with visibilitymarty-insight-video-card into the performance of every end user transaction originating from “closed loop” prepaid cards, vouchers and rewards cards.  Real-time alerts immediately notify the Edenred IT operations team of problems with the host authorization links or network paths. These include issues related to authorization response time-outs, an increase in rejected transactions, authorizer disconnections, specific response code errors or communications link failures. Edenred also sets alerts around POS terminal ID’s, receiving instant notification when transactions cease from high volume terminals.  Problems that used to take hours and multiple resources to resolve now only take minutes.

“Growing transaction volumes have catapulted full transaction visibility from a ‘nice-to-have’ to a ‘need-to-have’,” said Bijan Sanii, CEO of INETCO. “Customers and end users expect that their prepaid cards, voucher and rewards services will always be accessible without worry. We’re excited that INETCO Insight’s real-time transaction monitoring capabilities will help Edenred provide this level of service to every customer and end user that they serve across Mexico.”

The sale of INETCO Insight to Edenred was orchestrated through INETCO’s partner, Bowman Technologies.

To learn how real-time transaction monitoring and analytics can help you reduce operational costs, enhance profitability and deliver an amazing customer experience across all your payment channels, contact Bowman Technologies to attend their upcoming workshop on “Improving Customer Engagement” being held from 8am-11am in Mexico City on Wednesday, June 3rd.

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