Case Study: How Solutran is Improving Electronic Benefit Transfer Programs across the United States with INETCO Insight

solutran case study
Read this case study titled, “Solutran – Improving the stability and availability of SNAP and eWIC programs with INETCO Insight.”

Solutran® provides state-of-the-art Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) technology for U.S. state welfare departments. For over 25 years, the Company has provided customized payment processing solutions for EBT programs including Women with Infant Children (WIC) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). To date, Solutran has processed over 65 million EBT transactions representative of over $1.8 billion in food purchased at more than 36,000 retail vendors.

With real life consequences linked to transaction slowdowns, bottlenecks or failures, Solutran is committed to making the processing and routing of customer transactions happen seamlessly, 24/7. Their S3™ EBT platform is revolutionizing the shopping experience for many eWIC and SNAP participants across the United States. This scalable system infrastructure delivers Smart Card technology with a streamlined payment process, providing real-time access to food benefits for thousands of participating households. This means American shoppers can reliably support their families by purchasing foods when they need it the most.

In addition to their robust EBT platform, Solutran also deploys an active/active data architecture, utilizing INETCO Insight to maximize system uptime and provide real-time visibility into the complex, multi-node path of every transaction.

INETCO Insight was recommended by Solutran’s long term partner, SoliSYSTEMS. Deployed in over 70 retail, banking and payment processing environments worldwide, INETCO Insight is proven to help isolate performance issues affecting the completion of transactions – 65-75% faster.

“The additional visibility INETCO Insight has provided has allowed us to understand where blockages can occur and what is happening at a specific endpoint during a transaction rejection,” says Jason Prigge, CTO at Solutran. “The INETCO services team made the deployment process fast and painless, as we were able to get INETCO Insight up and running within 2 months.”

By capturing detailed application, network and response time information on every transaction in one view, INETCO Insight has helped Solutran’s IT operations team to:

  • Monitor end-to-end transaction response times, from the moment it is initiated, to the time the transaction status message is returned to the end user
  • Receive real-time alerts for transaction failures and slowdowns in its EBT programs
  • Break down the transaction message fields to trace Product IDs (PIDs) and evaluate products bought, in real-time – a level of detail necessary to knowing whether the merchant is overcharging the customer
  • Pinpoint network problems relating to issues at retail endpoints
  • Identify early warning signs of potential transaction fraud causing stand in modes, card activation issues, card read failures, out of range purchase value thresholds, and high velocity card transactions
  • Access rich transaction intelligence to speed up problem isolation and remediation within their active/active data center architecture

To learn more about how INETCO Insight has helped Solutran to improve the stability and availability of SNAP and eWIC transactions, you can read the full case study or see our EBT fraud solution.