INETCO Solutions for the ATM Channel

INETCO Solutions for the ATM Channel

Extend ATM monitoring beyond the terminal to maximize channel profitability

Supporting a profitable strategy through reduced fraud loss, deeper analysis of customer interactions and end-to-end ATM management

The ATM channel continues to evolve as a part of digital and branch transformation. What used to be a “cash-and-dash” solution is now a critical connection point in a customer’s financial journey. While the ATM channel remains a strategic part of a healthy banking ecosystem, the big challenge lies in effective ATM management and maintaining ATM fleets as a profitable delivery channel.

INETCO solutions help financial institutions, payment service providers and IADs manage the end-to-end customer experience, thanks to our ATM monitoring software. Reduce the operational costs and resource time associated with our ATM management system.

  • Continuously gather transaction intelligence across the end-to-end ATM network to understand where, when and how customers interact.
  • Detect suspicious transaction activity before it impacts reputation, customer experience and the financial bottom line.
  • Improve transaction completion rates by isolating the root cause of transactions that are unexpectedly declined, failing or performing sub-optimally ~85% faster.

INETCO Insight use cases for end-to-end ATM network monitoring

Analysis of ATM placement, channel profitability and customer usage

Transform your real-time transaction data into a goldmine. Utilize real-time transaction decoding and correlation, adaptive machine learning models and predictive algorithms built specifically for ATM management, channel analysis and forecasting. Instantly answer questions related to revenue composition, ATM location activity and anticipated customer needs or service preferences.

Transaction completion rates and ATM availability

Extend ATM monitoring and performance visibility beyond terminal availability. Monitor the end-to-end performance of every on-us, remote on-us and off-us transaction in real-time. Isolate the root cause of transaction bottlenecks, slowdowns, connectivity issues and network transport errors. Improve transaction completion rates, troubleshoot and fix performance issues ~85% faster.

Transaction reversal fraud attacks, jackpotting and monitoring other suspicious ATM transaction activity

Customize an alert that marries transaction reversals to electronic journal hardware events such as ATM device sensor errors to identify transaction reversal fraud. Configure real-time ATM monitoring alerts around unusual foreign usage patterns, repeat terminal usage, distance-based card usage, high withdrawal velocity, unexpected EMV fallbacks, reversals, response code errors, negative countries and card blacklists.

ATM cash-outs and “man-in-the-middle” fraud detection

Monitor in-flow transactions from multiple points along the end-to-end payment journey. Detect “fake processing” where a transaction enters the payment switch, but never reaches the host for authorization due to malware or card compromise. Set real-time alerts to flag high volumes of unusual repeat card usage from on-us and off-us locations and isolate ATM terminals with high amounts of accumulated cash withdrawn, indicating their usage a coordinated cash-out attack. Identify message tampering and missing links on the end-to-end transaction journey that would normally fly under the radar of back-end security components.

Real-time transaction risk scoring and reducing false positives

Improve the precision of device, customer or card risk scoring by easily configuring machine learning models and rules-based alerts through ATM management solutions. Rebuild individual customer models in real-time. Flag, rank and investigate behavioral patterns that signal potential ATM fraud.

Precision blocking of offending card transactions and specific IP address traffic

Set up automated scripts to surgically block high scoring card transactions at the network and firewall application level. Immediately research flagged individual cards or devices and take action to reduce false negatives and positives.

Connectivity issues for ATM management (Network, application, card issuer, device and host)

Continuously monitor payment transactions and quickly flag unexpected declines, bottlenecks and transaction failures. Customize real-time performance alerts and ATM network monitoring around connectivity issues, status codes, network errors, response code errors, reversals and lack of card activity (or abnormally high activity) at an ATM or on the host switch. Immediately know if there are card acceptance problems due to incorrect PINs or no response from the host or issuer.

ATM cash forecasting

Establish a reliable stream of accurate and timely intraday transaction data, combined with machine learning algorithms specific to cash forecasting and ATM management. Capture cash flow totals with our cash monitoring system (intraday totals, replenishment events, number of cash/check deposits, totals of cash/check deposits and withdrawals) in real-time to improve cash forecasting and optimize replenishment schedules – down to the bill denomination and cassette level at each ATM.

Payment switch performance monitoring

Efficiently manage a payments ecosystem that is made up of multiple payments switch types and multiple locations. Identify longer than average processing times, round trip times and queue times. Combine operating system statistics, performance counters, application process statistics and application process log file data with the state of your transactions. Add additional security for the payments switch against malware and ATM cash-out attacks.

ATM device state monitoring

Showcase the location and status of each terminal or device, flagging potential security issues such as card reader tamper or safe opening without supervision. See device information related to ATM management solutions, such as cassette usage, bills dispensed and errors. Know immediately if an ATM status is offline, in supervisory mode or low on cash. Ingest electronic journal logs if needed.

Reconciliation and ATM cash dispute resolution

Perform faster reconciliation across ATMs, hosts, switches and back-end accounting systems. Set real-time ATM monitoring alerts around transaction discrepancies, message field mis-matches and self-service cash handler dispense errors such as short dispense, no notes dispensed, unknown notes dispensed, notes retracted after timeout, and card not ejected.

Real-time ATM transaction data acquisition, streaming and forwarding

Collect “ready to analyze” transaction data in a timely, cost-effective way. Utilize structured data dictionaries to help forward in-depth data to analytics applications, ATM management software, cash management, fraud applications, reconciliation systems and data lakes that need it. This includes message fields and metadata such as transaction type, amount, response codes, terminal IDs, card types, dates, status and message types.