Channel Managers, Customer Experience Teams and Analysts

Channel Managers, Customer Experience Teams and Analysts

Gain the real-time intelligence and customer interaction analytics you need to better serve existing customers and acquire new ones

Providing customer interaction analytics for channel managers, customer experience teams and analysts to make faster, more impactful decisions around payment revenue and customer service

Customer habits and behaviors are continuously evolving. For channel managers, customer experience teams and analysts to keep up with when, how and why customers are engaging with their organization, they need easy access to payment transaction data – in an timely, cost effective way.

INETCO Insight delivers “ready to analyze” payment data and customizable analytics dashboards designed to help you gain deeper knowledge of customer interaction analytics, channel performance, fraud liability and profitability across ATM, POS, Card, Mobile, Online and Real-time Payments channels.

How channel managers, customer experience teams and analysts benefit from INETCO Insight and its Interaction Analytics

  • Increase channel profitability through improved device placement and ongoing analysis of channel usage, interchange and card service fees using customer interaction analytics.
  • Perform targeted acquisition campaigns and deepen engagement by offering secure, reliable services that align to customer habits. 
  • Eliminate dependencies on service providers and other departments to provide data and canned reports – Speed up queries and reporting cycles by ~75%.
  • Utilize customer interaction analytics to optimize the management of channel performance by isolating issues affecting transaction completion ~80% faster
  • Protect customers and your financial bottom line from fraud through more precise risk scoring, faster research and precision blocking 
  • Create an easier way to acquire and extract value from rich transaction data – make faster decisions and improve collaboration across multiple teams and applications 

Use cases for channel managers, customer experience teams and analysts

Managing the profitability, performance and consumer trust within the debit, prepaid and credit card channel

Analyze how cards are being used within the ATM, POS, Mobile, Online and Real-time Payments channels. Understand usage trends, purchase behaviors, preferred services and revenue composition to make decisions on how you can improve customer card activity – across all channels. Make sure each transaction is secure and reliable.

Overseeing the reliability, security and customer service within the POS and self-checkout channel

Analyze POS and self-checkout transaction data by merchant, store location or individual device. Study customer buying behaviors broken down by service option, times and purchase categories. Look for ways to increase wallet share and amount of transactions. Identify high risk activity patterns such as high purchase amounts, repeat declines, reversals and lack of activity. Analyze issues and errors behind false positives, unexpected declines, and incomplete transactions.

Managing ATM channel profitability, customer experience, device placement and cash forecasting

Optimize your ATM fleet based on the usage, revenues and costs of each individual ATM. Understand overall channel profitability, performance and customer interactions based on card types, transaction types, ATM locations, transaction volumes and on-us versus off-us traffic. Make faster, smarter decisions around device placement, user interface design, service offerings, currencies and denominations. Establish the transaction-level view you need to detect performance issues and fraud attacks in milliseconds.

Analyzing customer behaviors, detecting fraud and maximizing profitability within the mobile and online channels

Manage the velocity and volume of transactions shifting towards online and mobile channels. Analyze your digital payments ecosystem, based on customer engagement patterns, transaction types, and revenue generation. Understand where your interchange revenue is coming from, and what cards or digital wallet services are being used. Be ready to accelerate your digital transformation by screening every transaction using customer interaction analytics – from both a performance and fraud perspective – in real-time.

Real-time payments analysis

Understand fee generation by real-time payments type (P2P, B2C, B2B, etc.) and analyze how customers are using real-time payments thanks to customer interaction analytics.

Omni-channel payment analysis and forecasting

Understand how customers engage with your omni-channel environment in one centralized view using customer interaction analytics. Identify  preferences in channels and services. Note shifts in payment behaviors across all payment channels. Increase the customer base and grow customer wallet share through better service alignment.

Real-time data feed for interaction analytics, fraud and channel management systems

Acquire and forward rich transaction data to any team or application of choice. Blend this data within other analytics, fraud and channel management systems that require it. Include message fields such as transaction type, amount, response codes, terminal IDs, card types, dates, transaction status, message types, statistics and alerts.