IT Operations, Channel Systems and Payment Operations Teams

IT Operations, Channel Systems and Payment Operations Teams

Reduce risk of customer service disruption while increasing operational efficiency

Providing IT operations, channel systems and payment operations teams with real-time operations management software to confidently manage the completion of every payment transaction

Digital transformation has resulted in increasing channel complexities, more third party applications and a higher volume and velocity of payments data. To make sure every payment transaction completes as expected, IT operations management, channel systems and payment operations teams must be able to immediately isolate performance issues and connectivity issues anywhere along the end-to-end transaction path.

With the INETCO Insight real-time transaction monitoring and analytics software, you gain an advanced early warning system that will continuously screen transaction performance and help you speed up troubleshooting across all self-service, real-time payments and digital payment channels.

How IT operations management, channel systems and payment operations teams benefit from INETCO Insight

  • Reduce service disruptions, unexpected transaction declines and failures by up to 25%.
  • Generate happier customers, a better reputation and more revenue through greater payment stability.
  • Meet compliance and audit regulations associated with real-time transaction monitoring, service levels and uptime.
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce the support resources required to isolate the root cause of transaction bottlenecks, timeouts and failures. 
  • Improve cross-team collaboration and data sharing across any support ticketing, channel management, fraud application or data lake of choice.
  • Speed up problem isolation and troubleshoot connectivity issues across all networks, third party applications and self-service devices – remediate issues ~80% faster.

Use cases for IT operations, channel systems and payment operations teams

Real-time transaction-level monitoring across all payment channels

Eliminate risky performance blind spots and gain centralized, omni-channel visibility across the links and the various connection points of every end-to-end payment transaction. Work through data to get to the root cause of transaction performance issues ~85% faster. No heavy instrumentation or code changes required. No contextual information (e.g. terminal ID, EMV data element, IP address) stripped at the terminal handler or switch level. These are the features upon which the rules-based alerts engine and machine learning models will assess the validity of a transaction.

Regulatory compliance, security fields and transaction audits

Independently log every transaction in real-time – while remaining out-of-band and not adding latency to the payments switch. Capture mandatory audit and security fields such as message types, card numbers, amounts, transaction dates and times, response codes, terminal ID’s and ISO 8583 messages. Be instantly aware of suspect fraud activity, hacking attempts and security incident events related to invalid MAC values, invalid PIN blocks, MAC failures, MAC Key synchronization errors, HSM failure errors and server timeouts.

Root cause problem isolation of delayed, lost and failed transactions

Proactively spot transaction bottlenecks and transaction timeouts. Customize real-time alerts and trending graphs related to network delays, lack of device availability, host authorization time outs, 3rd party applications or switch offline, EMV fallbacks, abnormally high or low transaction rates, reversals, stand-in modes, card acceptance issues, status and response code errors. Options to forward alerts, trends and statistics to channel management or ticketing systems of choice.

central management of active/active environments, multiple payment switches and data center locations

Combine internal OS statistics, performance counters, application process statistics and application process log file data – from each payment switch – with the state of your transactions. Track, display, and analyze information on CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Disk Reads/Writes, Free Disk Space, Device Uptime, and more. Independently monitor without compromising switch performance management or security.

service level agreements and statistical reporting

Ensure you are complying with service level agreements related to things such as transaction completion times, service availability and connectivity. Data can be utilized for creating statistical reports such as transaction volumes per vendor connection or host endpoint.

End-to-end transaction reconstruction and profiling analysis

Automatically construct a full profile for each end-to-end transaction to isolate transaction anomalies, bottlenecks or failures anywhere along a correlated transaction path ~80% faster. Extract and assemble application payload messages, metadata, response/request timing and network communications information – across correlated transaction links – all in one view. Make it fast and easy to isolate whether the root cause of a transaction performance issue is occurring at a device, switch, third party host or interbank connection.


Troubleshooting and research queries

Perform research queries on captured transaction logs to quickly locate transactions of interest. Search based on any message field that has been decoded within the transaction, including message types, masked PANs, amounts, dates and times. Drill down to a specific transaction that may have caused an issue such as a timeout or security error.

Stand-in Mode Monitoring

Monitor the current trends and statistics on stand-in conditions. Immediately flag instances where the stand-in transactions are increasing or trending higher. Trigger investigation and resolution.

Security events and response codes

Configure alerts around security events such as Response Code 63 (Incorrect MAC Value), Response Code 81 (Invalid PIN Block), Response Code 84 (Counter Out of Sequence), Response Code 85 (No Keys Available for Use) and other response codes related to message encryption, PIN encryption and MAC Key synchronization errors. Also flag abnormal transaction activity, pin translation errors and messages from unauthorized terminals that may have been lost or stolen.

Data forwarding and cross-team collaboration

Centralize and collaboratively share real-time transaction data across teams – in a timely, cost effective way. Utilize structured data dictionaries to help forward rich transaction data to analytics applications, channel management, cash management, fraud applications, support ticketing and data lakes of choice. This includes message fields such as transaction types, amounts, response codes, terminal IDs, card types, dates and message types.