INETCO cybersecurity solutions for enterprises

INETCO cybersecurity solutions for enterprises

Add an essential layer of cybersecurity to protect your online business presence from sophisticated cyber attacks that other solutions can’t detect.

Automatically detect and surgically block cyber attacks

Get an essential layer of protection against sophisticated cyberthreats. Our machine learning engine is uniquely optimized for real-time data to detect and block new attack vectors and fraudsters in milliseconds without human intervention and without interruption to your legitimate business.

Protect ATMs from cash-outs and other financial crime

Get an essential layer of protection against financial crimes, including malware, cash-outs and transaction reversal attacks. Detect and block suspicious transaction activity before it impacts your reputation and revenue.

Grow ATM outsourcing business and delight customers

Continuously gather transaction intelligence across the end-to-end ATM network to understand where, when and how customers interact. Improve ATM availability and customer service.

How it works

Modern cyberattacks are increasingly intelligent and sophisticated. With threats from both state-sponsored actors who targetc ritical infrastructure, and DDoS attacks from smaller players trying to benefit from economic uncertainty, it’s time to take your protection strategy to the next level.

Ensure ultimate protection

While standard solutions may block malicious traffic at the network level only, INETCO BullzAI Cybersecurity for Enterprise ensures protection from the network to the application layer. It blocks cyberattacks that can bypass other cybersecurity solutions.

Easy to implement and operate

While some solutions require someone to take action in order to block attacks, and a data scientist to keep protections current,I NETCO BullzAI automatically assesses risk and takes action in milliseconds. Its ML engines self-trains, making your cybersecurity stronger than ever.

Years in the financial industry
Over 2.5B transactions processed monthly
Protecting customers in 35 countries

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