INETCO Solutions for Payments Monitoring and Multi-channel Payment Processing Environments

Evolving merchant demands, regulatory compliance requirements, and decreasing interchange fee revenues are leading payment processors and acquirers to undertake new payments monitoring initiatives aimed at:

  • Expanding payments service offerings – Moving towards an integrated payments model, with bundled mobile, Web, ATM and POS offerings for merchants and banks
  • Analyzing end customer interactions – Seeking greater profitability by providing more value-added services and customer behavioral insight to merchants and banks on debit and credit card usage
  • Battling processing costs and the interchange squeeze – Successfully processing higher volumes of transactions and securing the payments infrastructure in a more cost effective, operationally efficient way


Keep a real-time pulse on all your payment rails and switches with INETCO Solutions

INETCO’s real-time transaction monitoring, data streaming and analytics solutions help payment processors and service providers reduce operational “blind spots” and centrally manage the performance of front-end interaction devices, integrated payments technologies and back-end banking connections. INETCO solutions enable you to:

  • Analyze the contribution (and cost) of each payment rail to your bottom line – Gain “on-demand” access to real-time data that details the profit contribution of every transaction
  • Open new revenue streams – Expand terminal services and use real-time transaction data to offer more value-added service offerings such as e-commerce support, cross-channel payments analysis and customer analytics reporting
  • Speed up the roll-out of new merchant services across various customer touch points – while controlling the risk of service disruption and offering a higher transaction completion rate
  • Review real-time electronic payment flows and improve front-line resolution rates, reduce transaction time-outs, and isolate unusual customer behavior or the root cause of performance issues 65-75% faster  
  • Painlessly scale to support growing transaction volumes and other types of payments data while providing centralized insights across all payments channels – independent of your payments switch
  • Lower the cost-to-serve and meet SLA’s by monitoring the entire life cycle of every customer interaction in real-time, including all interchanges and their transaction rates

Are you ready to open new revenue streams, mitigate risk of transaction failures and streamline your cost-to-serve?

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