1-2-3 Detect: Tips to get your payment fraud strategy in top shape (an INETCO miniseries)

Five minute videos. Once a week. Seven weeks. A payment fraud boot camp miniseries to speed up your transaction-level payment fraud detection and prevention.

inetco insight payment fraud strategy boot camp miniseries logo in front of a bank's payment fraud and security team ensuring that transactions complete as expected for customers.
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In the past six months, digital banking, online orders and e-commerce transaction volumes have increased exponentially. With the surge in digital activity comes an increase in payment fraud, infosecurity and cybersecurity threats. With The Nilson Report projecting worldwide payment card fraud losses will reach $35.67 billion by 2024, it is essential that your organization is equipped and ready to speed up transaction-level payment fraud detection and prevention.

Although payment fraud attacks are getting more complex, you still have the option to keep your approach simple. Starting Tuesday, June 23rd, join INETCO every week for seven weeks as we delve deep into the values of real-time payment data, and explain simple business logic that will help you:

  • Accurately detect and block suspicious card-present and card-not-present behavior in milliseconds – To avoid customer friction, reputational harm and financial loss
  • Increase risk scoring precision and reduce false positives – So revenue streams and customer experience are maximized
  • Add another layer of security to your payment switch – Detect missing front-end or back-end links due to man-in-the-middle malware attacks
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Read the interview with BDC and learn how INETCO is uncorking payment bottlenecks during COVID-19.

Weekly, 5-minute payment fraud boot camp episodes include:

  1. Real-time Payments Fraud – Thinking real-time about account takeovers and money mules
  2. Card-Not-Present Credit, Debit and Prepaid Card Fraud – Blocking fraudulent mobile banking transactions and e-commerce reversals, and implementing effective CNP fraud prevention measures.
  3. Malware Detection – Avoiding cash-outs through faster detection of man-in-the-middle switch attacks
  4. Suspicious Activity Monitoring and Blocking – Spotting payment outliers and other suspicious transaction patterns
  5. Bot Detection – Looking for potential DDoS attacks
  6. Behavior Analytics and Risk Scoring – Advancing accuracy through real-time and data precision
  7. Fraud Alerts and Management – Setting up workflows that streamline the investigation of flagged transactions

Don’t miss out and sign up now for this payment fraud boot camp from INETCO. We promise it will be informative, challenging and fun! Episodes run every Tuesday beginning June 23rd, 2020.