C-Level Executives

C-Level Executives

Collect and analyze payments data at a speed that satisfies customers and a cost that makes business sense

Helping C-level executives work together to transform their business and adopt faster payments solutions – one transaction at a time

Growing customer expectations, increasingly sophisticated fraudsters, and payment technology advancements are reshaping the financial industry. They are creating an imperative for C-suite executives such as CTOs, CIOs, CISOs, Chief Digital Officers and Chief Data Officers to work closely together – as all play key roles within strategic initiatives such as digital transformation, open banking, faster payments, and increasing the customer base while growing the wallet share of existing customers.

When it comes to improving cross-team collaboration, speeding up modernization and driving more business value from your payments data, INETCO Insight is here to help you move towards faster payments.

How C-level executives benefit from INETCO Insight

  • Accelerate your digital transformation, adopt faster payments solutions and stay ahead of the competition with an innovative approach to managing the end-to-end customer experience 
  • Reduce operating costs by harnessing payment transaction data across all self-service and digital payment channels in a timely, cost effective manner.
  • Improve operational efficiency and agility by streamlining troubleshooting processes and responding faster to issues impacting security and reliability. 
  • Increase ROI by utilizing real-time data for multiple operational performance, payment fraud and customer analytics use cases – across all channels. 
  • Mitigate fraud loss, customer friction and reputational harm by detecting, investigating and blocking suspicious transaction activity in milliseconds.
  • Improve collaboration across operations, fraud and channel teams responsible for the end-to-end customer experience – get every payment transaction right.

Use cases for C-level executives

On-demand analysis of card programs, customer behaviors and channel usage

Gain a 360-degree view of card usage, channel performance and customer engagement – across ATM, POS, Mobile, Online and Card channels. Utilize faster reporting, better device placement and targeted service offering to acquire new customers, increase channel usage and enhance card profitability.

Faster payment fraud detection, risk scoring and precision blocking

Increase the security of every payment transaction. Speed up transaction-level fraud detection across ATM, POS, Card, Mobile, Online and Real-time Payments channels. Identify activities on the end-to-end transaction journey that would normally fly under the radar of individual security components. Perform real-time risk scoring based on individual card models, and block suspicious transaction activity, man-in-the-middle malware attacks, account takeovers and cash-outs – at the firewall port or IP network address level.

End-to-end performance monitoring of every payment transaction

Establish real-time visibility across all transaction links and connectivity points along the transaction journey. Reduce transaction failures by >25% and resolve unexpected declines by identifying when an application, network or third party host is not responding as they should be. Isolate issues – anywhere along the customer transaction journey – ~75% faster. Increase operational efficiency and reducing support costs while guaranteeing the stability of digital customer interactions.

Regulatory compliance and transaction auditing

Independently log every transaction in real-time – while remaining out-of-band and not adding latency to the payments switch. Conduct a true, real-time audit into every link along an end-to-end payment transaction journey. Capture mandatory audit and security fields such as message types, card numbers, amounts, transaction dates and times, response codes, terminal ID’s and ISO 8583 messages. Be instantly aware of suspect fraud activity, hacking attempts and security incident events related to invalid MAC values, invalid PIN blocks, MAC failures, MAC Key synchronization errors, HSM failure errors and server timeouts.

Real-time data acquisition, streaming and cross-team collaboration

Accelerate your digital transformation with better, faster and more reliable payment data. Continuously collect and decode transaction data, across all payment channels, in a cost effective, timely way. Lay the data foundation for efficient cross-team collaboration. Enrich any fraud, cash management, channel management or analytics application with the most in-depth payment intelligence available on the market today. Track every end-to-end transaction without adding latency or impacting switch performance.